Centre Staged: Dutch Criminal Record By Yasmin Norvill

Portsmouth based indie surf band, Dutch Criminal Record are set to have their biggest year yet. The trio’s newest single ‘Feel Good’ deserves a place on every chilled summer playlist. The track screams of long evening drives and sandy (socially distanced) beach days; the perfect soundtrack to accompany friendship groups reuniting to enjoy the remains of summer 2020.

The trio features Joe Delaney Stone, Joe Frampton and our very own Surrey alumni, Sam Thrussell. With their inspiration of The Beatles and The Beach Boys in mind, the three-piece create upbeat and choppy melodies reminiscent of fun 60s pop. Modern comparisons could easily be made between indie front runners The Kooks and Circa Waves.

Their colourful sound has earned a spot on a variety of notable Spotify editorial playlists such as Fresh Finds and Hot New Bands. The band are set to release their debut EP later this year but for now, we have their fan favourite ‘Socks and Sandals’ on repeat, with it’s punchy and infectious melody that forces you to jump along.

Dutch Criminal Record blew the audience away when they performed at Victorious Festival in 2018. While we wait in anticipation for the moment we are allowed to enjoy live gigs, you can be assured the volume is turned up loud at home.

Following their new release, I caught up with the guys to discuss promoting music amidst a pandemic, the origin of their unique name and their favourite memories together so far.

What is the story behind the name 'Dutch Criminal Record'?

Sam: Our original drummer Alex went on a football trip to Holland when he was 14/15. We’re not exactly sure of the details but when he came back he told us a fine tale. We weren’t sure what to make of it other than it’s a great sounding band name...

How did you all meet?

Sam: Joe Delaney Stone and I met at school as we were in the same GCSE music class and that’s how the band was formed. Our current drummer Joe Frampton was at the same school but was a couple years younger than us he joined later down the line.

In your own words, how would you describe your sound as a band?

It’s summery surf pop, lots of guitars and harmonies, all the good stuff really.

Who are your greatest musical influences?

The Beatles and The Beach Boys are two ever present influences but we were inspired to form the band by 00’s indie like The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys. But I guess all our songs are inspired by different artists in different ways.

What is each member's favourite song you've released and why?

Apart from our latest release Feel Good (of course)

Joe Frampton: Probably Corona, it’s fun to play and a feel good tune.

Joe Delaney-Stone: Vinnetrow Road our previous single, sonically it was our most ambitious and I’m pleased with how it sounds.

Sam: It changes all the time, I like our first song Outside as it reminds me of the good old days.

What is it like to release music amidst a pandemic? How has the upcoming single release differed from your previous experience?

It certainly is a weird time to be releasing music to be honest, I think we’ve all been struggling to focus with everything that’s going on. Having said that we’ve been feeling positive about how the press has been going for the release, so hopefully it should all go well.

Explain the inspiration behind the new single:

Joe DS wrote it in his flat in London last autumn / winter (Feel Good is surprisingly summery considering) time after listening to the song Rip It Up by the band Orange Juice. He wrote the lyrics about the “slap a smile on it” attitude to mental health.

What is your greatest memory together as a band?

There are so many to pick from over the years, but playing at Victorious festival in 2018 to a packed tent has definitely been a highlight of our time together!

What is the best piece of advice you've received regarding making music or being in a band?

I guess just be true to yourself and write the music you want to make rather than what you think people will like.

You can follow the band’s journey on Twitter and Instagram.

Stream 'Feel Good' now on Spotify.