Theater in Shakespeare's Time BY:Matthew king

GLOBE THEATRE. - Reconstruction of the Second Globe Theatre in London; from the conjurer's circle on the floor cloth, Faustus is raising Mephistopheles through a trap.. Fine Art. Britannica ImageQuest, Encyclopædia Britannica, 25 May 2016. Accessed 1 Mar 2017.


In the company there was a list of 26 people in the crew. All of the actors were men or boys. In fact there was no women at all.(Yancey 39)Shakespeare was an actor. The term to refer to actor was player because the players indicated the pleasure element associated along with the theater.(Yancey 91)

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Globe Theatre

The globe was built in 1599 by using the timber from an earlier theater that was there. (yancey 27).In 1613, the original globe theater burned to the ground when a canon was shot during a performance of Henry Vlll ignited the thatched roof of the gallery.(Yancey 33).The seating arrangements for the audience were very closed and packed with a lot of people and there were no reserved seats.(Allison 45).If the play was boring or the actors inept, however the audience did not wait to show there displeasure or simply talk along with eatchother or they would just ignore the play.(woog 78). Shakespeare's performed plays for a bunch of different people like the rich and poor.

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