Urban Wildlife By: Ahmed rage

What is causing these animals to go into cities?

Trash and garbage on the coast of guayana

Pollution caused by littering and drainage is destroying and infecting lakes, rivers, and ponds. In fact “excessive tourism brings non degradable pollution, as packets of eatables, plastic water and soft drinks bottles are seen scattered everywhere. Drainage by hotels situated on the banks of rivers are releasing effluents into the water, creating health hazards, not only to humans but also to aquatic animals in these rivers. As per media reports the water of the ganges river is not drinkable after Rishikesh. Many fish species in these flowing rivers, are extinct, according to Namita Singh Of the First Post. Hard work and dedication can stop pollution and save animals before it’s too late. According to Nick Mordowanec of the Mount Clemens Clinton Journal, “The local ecosystem went through decades of tribulation, caused by pollution and general carelessness on a grand scale. Changes are happening, though, thanks to individuals who have worked passionately toward saving the environment before it’s too late. If everyone comes together to fight pollution, many animals will saved and their habitats restored.


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