The Role of Discipleship in Nation Building

“The (educated) youth is the hope of the fatherland.” Dr. José Rizal - National Hero of the Philippines

Recently, me and my wife celebrated our 2nd year of marriage at Dapitan, Zamboanga Del Norte. This is the place where our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal led a peaceful revolution and had been exiled. As I strolled the place, I suddenly realized that Rizal was a man who had given his life for the nation and challenged the next generation to rise up for what is right. His passion to see an enlightened generation transcends generations and is continually challenging young Filipinos up until this time.

I was trying to imagine what could have happened if Dr. José Rizal succumbed to the pressure of his friends to take arms against the Spaniards.

In the history of our nation, a young man understood the importance of freedom and the value of "discipleship" in the context of educating others to live out that freedom. That made him a hero. Let me tell you two stories of modern day heroes that I have personally met during our Ten days Mission trip to Bali, Indonesia.

L-R: Ivan Kurniawan, Elbert Marlissa and Nius members of Every Nation Campus - Bali, Indonesia.

These Indonesians are just students who have great passion to see God work not just in their lives but in their campus as well. Let me single out the man in pink, his name is Elbert Marlissa a graduating student of Udayana University in Jimbaran, Indonesia also an owner of an auto detailing shop with 11 staff from a diverse background including a Muslim brother, which he told me he was reaching out to. For me, this was a clear indication of the heart of this young man.

As we were going from campus to campus in our mission trip, I would ask Elbert about the things that he would like to do, his aspirations or plans. He would always talk about the people that they are reaching out to, how should they grow leaders, and what advise could we give for effective discipleship. I heard him say, " I want to support missionaries and the work of God."

True to his word, just this month MSI Bali / Every Nation Bali launched a church in Jimbaran and he was part of the leadership team. Here is a man sold out for God and is willing to go an extra mile for God's work to be done. Discipleship made this happen.

Kneekie Borromeo (extreme right side) engaging Indonesian students during our Ten Days mission trip.

From the team of five who went for a mission trip to Bali, Kneekie is our youngest. She is a graduating student from the University of the Philippines.

Her training started in the campus when she was discipled and charged to go and make disciples out of her fellow students. From there on, she was able to build a group of ladies whom she meets weekly for discipleship. She was able to grasp the idea that you are not too young to effect change even in other nations.

During our trip, she was able to challenge a whole class to know their purpose by finding life coaches, that would be our leaders in Every Nation Campus Bali. For me, that was a "win." There is no way for her to grow apart from doing the work of the ministry. My job then was to give her an avenue to trust God for grace, confidence and wisdom as she preaches the gospel.

In the end this is what she has to say, ""I am willing to go again to the nations and to share the Gospel!"

It is such a joy to see destinies unravel right before my eyes and to be used as part of what God is doing. Discipleship empowers the next generation to step up to their calling.

The stories above are testimonies of the power of the gospel and discipleship in shaping the nations. Through discipleship, we are passing the mission, vision and values of our Lord to the next generation which is to seek and save the lost wherever we are.

Together, we are training and sending leaders and world changers to impact every nation for Christ.

Mitch & Jeof Valdez

3rd Floor CAP Building Upper Session Road, Baguio City, 2600 Philippines

Mobile: +63 998 548 6236



Photo Credits: Jeof Valdez

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