Azusa Street Revival 600 million lives Impacted -----SCROLL DOWN THERE'S MORE

Azusa Street Revival began in Los Angeles, CA, on April 9, 1906 and continued roughly until 1915.

Bonnie Brae House is the starting point for the Azusa Street Revival. This picture was as seen in 1906

This is current day Bonnie Brae house and even hosts tours.

This is the porch that fell down when the neighbors pressed in with such excitement to see what William Seymour had to say.

No one had seen glory like that before.

William Seymor and his wife Jennie

Jennie had never touched a piano in her life and after being filled with the spirit of God she walked over to the piano sitting in the room at Bonnie Brae Street and she supernaturally played flawlessly and amazingly. She went on to play the piano for many of the meetings held for Azusa Street Revival without ever having any training.

This is the crate that William Seymour kept his head buried in as he prayed. When he would pray people next to him saw fire leap off his clothes and the box turned blue. The box became a point of contact for some miracles because of his fervent prayers.

William Seymour learned early on if someone came in with a combative spirit and he tried to deal with it scripturally and discuss it with them the Spirit of God in that place would fizzle.

William Seymour learned to put his head in the box and pray. People who came in like that were either blinded, made deaf, rushed out of there in terror, or were brought into a state of complete repentance and had miracles following.

These are two eyewitnesses who were still living a few years ago. They played as children at the Azusa Street Revival.

The witnesses spoke of their history as children when they enjoyed playing in the fog that covered the ground. If someone had nerve damage and walked through that fog they would walk out healed. If someone had third degree burns and encountered that fog the skin became brand new like fresh baby skin.

The children of Azusa Street would race to the person who came in the door to see who could first pray for them because miracles always followed.

Azusa Street Revival was about each person praying for someone. One lady said she prayed for six people every service and there were two thousand services.

Frank Bartleman, the man who prayed in the Azusa Street Revival

Frank Bartleman was to nitro as William Seymour was to glycerin and because we had the two of them we had the revival. It took both of them to make it happen. Frank wrote to Evan Roberts, 'How can you have Revival?" He asked?

Evan Roberts posing for a photograph

Evan Roberts replied, "Pray. Hang with like minded people and take time for services. God shows up when you do."

The Azusa Street Revival was responsible for spawning mutliple ministries and revivals around the world including Ivan Voranaev and the awakening the Soviet Union experienced behind the Iron Curtain.

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