NATURE On display and in relation to ethics and the human Spirit

The coolest exhibit for me definitely had to be Florida Fossils: Evolution of Life and Land. It's so different seeing the skeletons of prehistoric animals in pictures than in person; the size of these animals amazed me and I found it interesting how similar some of the animals back then were in comparison to the animals of today. Another cool thing they had in the exhibit were these globes of earth that showed all the land and oceans throughout time and how the continents we see now were shaped in hundreds of millions of years.

I didn't even know Giant Sloths existed!

Love, respect, and admiration were the only emotions brought about by seeing the hundreds of butterflies in the Butterfly Rainforest. The butterflies seemed very accustomed to humans and got very close, and some even landed and stayed on people! I believe that by taking away the possibility of being hurt or swatted, the butterflies learn to not be afraid of humans, and that more animals would act like this if we started treating them with more respect.


Going to the Natural History Museum helped me make connections between nature and my own life. Seeing how short the life cycle of a butterfly is made me think about our own life cycles and how life keeps going even after our deaths. It really is crazy when you think about how much has already happened in the past, yet there is still so much to happen in the future and we don't even know what it is. All I know is that even after my death I wish to be remembered, unlike the masses of butterflies that end up dying in the exhibit.

Cocoons and stages of a butterfly


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