Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Jordan Evers

Image from 1/18/17

Nature on Display

I chose the Columbian Mammoth skeleton as a representation of nature on display. Looking at this skeleton made me think about the past and all the animals that used to roam the earth. The skeleton also made me think about what else might have lived that we still don't know about, animals we haven't found remains of. We do know a pretty large amount of what went on before our time, but there is also plenty that is left uncovered. I am very curious to see what we will discover next.

Skeleton uncovered from the bottom of the Aucilla River in the Florida panhandle, paleontologists not listed. FLNMH

Nature and Ethics

I chose the lab where butterflies were being researched and studied as a representation of nature and ethics. Scientists are researching these insects to help save the butterflies by introducing newly hatched insects into the world. This lab made me feel very proud that we are putting in a tremendous amount of effort into saving the species. The lab made me feel like we as humans are doing our job in helping save species that live on our planet as well. I hope the lab had the same affect on other guests. I wish there were more of these labs open to the public so people could get a first hand view of how important it is to love and care about the earth we live on, rather than just use it to our benefit.

Butterfly research lab located in FLNMH

Nature and the Human Spirit

I chose the Butterfly Garden as a representation of nature and the human spirit. The Butterfly Garden has tons of different species of insects and plants, all in such a small area. While walking through the garden, I thought about how many different species and types of wildlife are present on the earth as a whole. It really puts things into perspective. It made me see the beauty and grace of nature while also wondering about everything we haven't discovered yet. In our every day lives, we normally don't get to witness such a large amount of diversity. It was very eye-opening to be able to walk through such a place that is located right here in Gainesville.

Butterfly Garden located in FLNMH

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