History By Carl Hansen

• Point 1 –Britten send government agents to ask the chines empire to trade with Brittan and the empire refused. This showed that the chines were self-sufficient, lacked curiosity about the outside world, were conservative and also arrogant. The British expected to be able to trade with china as soon as they asked. This showed that the British were also arrogant because they thought they would be welcome everywhere. It also showed that the British thought that trade and making money were important, than the Chinese did.

• Point 2- 1839-1842 war was stared when the Chinese government confiscated 30 0000 chest of opium which the British had brought to china to trade in exchanged for tea, silk and porcelain. These luxury goods could be sold for a very high price in Brittan. The opium was grown very cheaply in the British colony. The British government sent war ships to china, and the Chinese navy was quickly and easily defied by the British. This shows that the British were prepared to go to war to protect and extended there trading interest. It also shows that Chinese, who trigged the war were completely ignorant of British military power.

• Point 3- The British demand many concussions from the Chinese government including giving the island of Hong Kong to Brittan and opening up five new cities to trade. The Chinese were also forced to allow “extraterritoriality” this meant that Chinese law did not apply to British citizens in China, they only had to obey British war. This shows that the British regarded the Chinese as barbaric and inferior. This was clearly raciest. The Chinese only accepted this because they were weak.

• Point 4- Between 1856- 1860 the British bought China to gain for changes: to legalise the opium trade, to open all over china to British trade, to expend the cloolie trade (a form of slavery) and to abolish transit duties for all foreign goods. These demands again show how Britain regarded China with contempt and how the Chinese were unable to prevent the growth of British influence in China

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