Bream Bay College PROSPECTUS 2020

Unlocking Student Potential Whakapuaretia i nga aheitanga o te Akonga


Principal Mr W Buckland

We believe that education is the key to a happy and fruitful life.

We have enthusiastic and inspired teachers who develop students’ Citizenship, Character, Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity in a learning environment that is both culturally inclusive and developing more cross curricular links. We leverage digital, build and maintain relationships, actively seek learning partners and co-construct learning contexts. We will publish learning or seek authentic contexts to apply it. We do this to make learning deep (sticky.)

Our students excel in academic, sporting, cultural, performance, entrepreneurial, and the vocational areas: Construction and Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Technology (including information and communication technologies), Primary Industries, Service Industries, Social and Community Services and Creative Industries.

Welcome to our learning community, to shaping the future and to a life of unlimited possibilities.


We have won the Northland titles in ‘Showquest’ and ‘Rockquest’, despite strong challenges from other local Secondary schools.

We won the NZ Spirit of NZ Trophy for the second time in a row.

We were pleased with the term 1 results and are delighted that the term 2 results are even better. Our predictive system is telling us that in our junior diploma we will have a 100% pass rate for year 7, 98.1% for year 8, 91.6% for year 9 and 90.3% for year 10. In NCEA level 1 (year 11) we are expecting an 89.3% diploma pass rate, a 95% level 2 (year 12) pass rate and a 75% NCEA level 3 (year 13) pass rate. Last year’s national diploma pass rate averages for level 1 was 70.1%, for level 2 - 76.1% and for level 3 - 63.7%. 2019 is going to be an excellent year academically.

Our work on citizenship and character are showing gains. Students are engaging in Deep learning tasks and this is showing pleasing results.

The commitment and work of students in Te Rerenga Kotuku, our whare, is another shining example. They have created a waiata for Educare and the new logo for the Refining New Zealand’s Health and Safety program.

The week long year 9 and 10 movie project 2019 showed great results.

Authentic opportunities like the year 9 camp, Tongariro Crossing, Waitinga Trip and Leadership camp have taken place this year. Year 8 students will be going on an overnight experience towards the end of this year.

In 2019 we were awarded $5,000 from the Gifted and Talented National fund for the Panimals to support their trip to Australia. This was presented by Minister Tracey Martin.

STAR awards for positive behavior continue to pay dividend with 98% of students have received a STAR award recognizing positive behavior.

We have been granted 6 roll growth classrooms and are in the process of a redevelopment plan that will see us with 17 new classrooms in the near future.


Educating people to succeed. Tutoro: Whakaako nga tangata kia tutuki tika Bream Bay College aims to be a leading Year Seven to Thirteen State Secondary School in New Zealand providing a wide range of quality opportunities to its students with academic achievement levels in the top 15% of all schools in New Zealand.


Bream Bay College is a Restorative based/Relationship focused school with the following flavours: Academic, Sporting, Performance (music, cultural and dance), Health Promoting School, ICT, Whanau System, Enterprising, producing well rounded young people for the 21st century.


There are many opportunities for students to demonstrate and experience leadership at Bream Bay College. These include the following: • Prefects: Two Head Girls and two Head Boys - senior students who demonstrate leadership ability and responsibility • Students are encouraged to be part of the Health Promoting Schools team • Student Whanau leaders are elected from each Whanau group (20 in total) • Each house has representatives on the 3 Student Councils • Each house elects a senior boy and girl (8 in total) as house leaders • A Student Representative on the Board of Trustees is elected each year • International Exchanges • Spirit of Adventure / R Tucker Thompson sailing experiences • Mediators at 3 levels • Peer Sexuality Support Team • Year 13 Leadership Camp • Rainbow Group

Some of our 2020 School Leaders


Bream Bay College is part of the international NPDL (New Pedagogies for deep Learning) cluster. We ensure that our students learn deeply and this is showing in improved results across the school. Given we were at or above national averages this is impressive. As part of NPDL we are looking at how we can undertake more cross curricular teaching and use our learning to change the world locally and globally.

Students study a core compulsory programme of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and PE/Health. In Year 9 students also take Technology, Arts, IT, Business, and Language courses. There is opportunity for specialisation in Year 10, when students choose two option subjects in addition to their core programme. The full list of optional subjects is listed in our Subject Choice Flow Chart. This broad-based curriculum enables students to make informed choices when moving into senior school where specialisation is selected for qualifications and career aspiration purposes. SUBJECT CHOICE FLOW CHART

Year 7|8 with Sea Cleaners


Each student is assigned to a House and from their first day at Bream Bay College, they are part of a supportive network that fosters friendship and encourages them to explore their interests and passions. Within the four Houses (Sutherland, Argyll, Ross and Inverness) their are 6 Whanau.


The school encourages students to be strong and proud in their Patu Harakeketanga. Bream Bay College have a dedicated kapa haka roopuu and Maori language programme which includes Bilingual classes in Year 7 and 8. Our music department is growing each year with Pan Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocal, Choir, Rock Quest, Te Tuninga and Music Night. Students participate in Show Quest (Winners for the last two years), Art n Tartan, Debating, Pacifika Day, Speeches, Tai Tokerau Festival and Manu Tu Day. Cultural exchanges include hosting Japanese students and/or visiting our sister school, Higashi High School in Osaka, Japan


Bream Bay College has great sporting facilities and has programs in place to extend all athletes in the school to reach their potential. We employ three full time sports staff and a sports co-coordinator. Some of our sports teams are - Year 13 Beast Team, Hockey, Fustal, Cross Country, Swimming, Football, Athletics, Rugby League, Girls Football, Rippa Rugby, Netball, Basketball, Badminton, Get to Go, Volley Ball, Triathlon, Orienteering, Ten Pin Bowling, Surfing, Weightlifting, Equestrian. We also offer Fitness Classes to the students . Year 7/8 compete in all codes at YR7/8 Interschool Sports Exchanges.


EOTC is supported and encouraged at Bream Bay College. Each year we encourage students to join The Spirit of NZ and the R Tucker Thompson. We have numerous camps and trips each year. Year 7/8 Camp to Shakspear Lodge every 2nd year, Year 9 Pioneer Camp on the Kaipara Harbour, Year 13 Leadership Camp, M People Camp, Poor Knights trip, Tongariro National Park trip, Japan visit every two years, Wellington, Mimiwhangata, & Raglan Surf Camp just to name a few.


Bream Bay College welcomes students from all over the world. Our International Student Programme is specially set up to mentor, educate and care for our overseas students. With our unique Restorative School approach, warm friendly students, a safe environment, with excellent Pastoral and Academic tracking systems, a close-knit semi-tropical environment near a fantastic beach, and a rapidly expanding local community we are very well placed to offer overseas students a unique and varied learning experience.

Homestay accommodation is arranged for each international student. This means living with a host family in the Bream Bay area. The family will provide you with a single room with a bed and study space. You will get 3 meals a day, become part of a New Zealand family and therefore be immersed in our culture. Our host families are carefully selected and all members over 18 years old are police vetted. The Homestay manager will visit the family and check out the bedroom and study facilities etc.

To get the most out of your stay at Bream Bay College you will need at least basic English and a strong desire to learn our curriculum and adapt to a new culture. Students will need a NZ student’s visa and a student permit to study at Bream Bay College. Full details of visa and permit requirements, advice on rights to employment in New Zealand while studying and reporting requirements are available through the New Zealand Immigration Service and can be accessed on: www.immigration.govt.nz/migrant/stream/study.

To enrol as an International student at Bream Bay College contact Mrs Beverley Webb at the College for information. Phone: +64 9 4328226 Email: admin@breambaycollege.school.nz

International Students at Bream Bay College


BREAM BAY COLLEGE APP: The college app is available to download. Encourage your parents to download the App which enables them and you to email directly to teaching staff, office and absence line. You can also view your timetable from here.

DAILY NOTICES | CALENDAR | SPIDER LOGIN: It is important that you check your school emails and notices DAILY as this is where all school activities are posted. Your email will be: firstnamelastname@breambaycollege.school.nz e.g. johnsmith@breambaycollege.school.nz New students will be given there username and password on the first day of school.

PARENT PORTAL: The Parent Portal gives parents access to the following: Daily Notices, Calendar, Accounts and Payment link, Financial Information, Student Information including Reports, Absences, Co-curricular involvement and Assessment Analysis.

PTA: Your parents are welcome to attend the PTA meetings which are held week 2 and week 8 of each term. Please contact Sharon Carroll on 027 265 3227 for further information.

PARENT STUDENT TEACHER INTERVIEWS: The college holds 3 PST Days per year. as follows: Term 1 - Reflect on acheivements. Setting goals and targets for the year - book with Whanau teacher. Term 2 - Subject teacher based meetings - book with each subject teacher(s) you want to see. Term 3 - Checking progress against targets - book with Whanau teacher

REPORTS: Reports are sent at the end of each term. At any time a parent can view their child's report electronically via the PCSchool Spider Portal.


Bream Bay College is in walking distance to sandy white beaches. and surrounded by native bush. Courtyards within the school grounds have a number of seating options and are well-shaded. A Performing Arts Complex, Library, a New Whare Wananga with Bilingual classrooms, a Year 13 Common room, a full range of school classrooms which include 2 Art rooms, Technology rooms with a laser cutter and 3D Printer; Hard Materials, Food, Fabrics, Graphics and ICT, 3 Science Laboratories, 5 general purpose prefabs, 2 year 7 and 8 prefabs, 10 general purpose classrooms for English, Maths, Social Sciences and year 7 and 8, a learning support room.

The PE site provides a main sports field for athletics, soccer, rugby, rugby league and cricket, 2 asphalt netball/tennis courts with lights, a turf area set up for 4 tennis courts, 4 netball courts or hockey turf with lights. Swimming complex comprising of a 25 metre pool with 2 changing blocks including toilets and a gear storage room, 3 PE gear rooms and a PE office. Exercise stations in various areas of the Field | Playground. full size gymnasium with attached weights area, climbing wall, mezzanine floor and 2 changing rooms with toilets and showers.

All classrooms have projectors, tvs, sound systems and computer pods. An English, Maths, Social Sciences Resource room; a Science Resource room; a Metal Work bay; a Cafe, a Caretakers workshop, Library Office / Storage area. An Auditorium that seats 600, a Student Welfare with a student meeting room, offices for our gateway and sports coordinator, guidance counsellor, a couch room, a doctors/nurses room.

SCHOOL CAFE: The Cafe is open at morning tea and lunch times. Cash and Eftpos are available. The current menu is on the website and display boards outside the Cafe. CAFE MENU


UNIFORM: Correct school uniform must be worn at all times. Shoes need to be majority black in colour. If you cannot be in school uniform you need to bring a note from home and see a Dean or DP for a uniform pass. Limited second hand uniform is for sale at the school. Uniform can be purchased from Bethells Uniform Shop, The Strand or the Whangarei Warehouse.