It's crazy to us that it's May!! May is always our school year ending point and this year we're excited/sad/hopeful for our friend, Ivan, who is graduating from University of San Francisco (USF) this year! Ivan was a part of Epic Movement at UC Irvine, and then transferred to USF as a sophomore and has been connected with us ever since! We've seen Ivan take huge steps of faith in sharing the gospel with his classmates and in trusting God with his future med school plans!

We love Ivan (3rd from left in the black hat next to Whitney)!

This summer he's investing in his spiritual growth as he goes to an Epic Summer Mission to Portland, OR while studying for his MCATs to apply for med school! Please pray with us for his continued growth, protection, and that he leaves his college days empowered by the Holy Spirit!


I've (Whitney) had the awesome privilege of being the Team Leader of the Epic San Francisco/Bay Area Team for the last four years, and (shout out to our January update) before that we were in Southern California for just over five years! Around this time last year, I felt the Lord shifting my vision and desire toward something else--nothing clear, but definitely toward something other than the team leading role I've held.

Starting this summer, I will be Content Manager for Epic Movement's new website AND Epic Movement's (first!) Recruiting Coordinator! I still long to see all people come to know the Lord and to live out our purpose and calling. Now, I get to be a part of those conversations and journeys on a national scale, with young adults all over the country! I'm excited and humbled by both the opportunities and challenges these new roles bring.

Please pray for grace and patience for me as I jump in and learn my new roles and responsibilities!

View from Tank Hill in San Francisco

Thank you for your prayers and partnership!

We are overwhelmed and so moved by your prayers and kindness in congratulating us as we add another member to our family! :) (If you missed it, see our announcement HERE!) Also, thanks to your prayers and the Lord's generosity, He has provided a larger rental apartment for us--still in SF (even amidst the highest rents in the country!) and we are in the process of moving in this month!

While we're sad to leave our little 300 sq. foot studio and neighborhood of the past four years, we're grateful for more room for us + baby, and a rent increase below market price! Yet, these happy changes compel us to ask you, our partners and friends, to prayerfully consider giving a special gift and praying for us specifically in this season. We're praying for the Lord to raise $4500 this summer for the following:

  • Whitney's time in Southern California coaching Epic Movement's Japan Summer Missions team this June and at planning meetings for her new role in August!
  • Doctor and hospital expenses that come with expecting a baby!
  • Moving costs (because Whitney is pregnant, her capacity and energy to move is more limited, so we're hiring movers) and our rent increase!

Would you take some time to pray right now and consider sending a special gift? If you'd like to give, click the button below! Regardless of whether you're able or called to give, we're so grateful for your consideration and partnership! :)

Larry painting our new place! Come visit us! :)

We love hearing from you!

Since we won't be traveling as much this summer, we'd love to spend time with you in the Bay Area and/or catch up over coffee or Skype or both! Please continue to let us know how we can be praying for you! We're so grateful to pray for you!! THANK YOU!! :)

Whitney & Larry at our friend's wedding!!

Blessings, Whitney & Larry Tu

Update your address book! Our new mailing address is:

1394 33rd Ave. San Francisco, CA 94122

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