The Buddha: Tweet Table Brooke meserve

From @Buddhism #Im2,500yearsold #TBT
From @SiddharthaGotama #Imalive #May/June563BCE
From @QueenMaya #Rip2Me
From @SiddharthatGotama #Imakidgenuis
From @Siddharth #woundedwhiteswan #illsaveyou #bowandarrow
From @Siddhartha I met the love of my life #princessyasodhara #loveatfirstsight #younglove
From @KingSudhodana Here are two enormous heavenly palaces #winter&summer
From @Siddhartha I want to explore other lands #otherlanguages #landscapes
From @Siddhartha people grow old? #greyhairdontcare
From @Siddhartha I'm leaving my life of luxury and going on a search for truth #peaceout #Sixyearslater

From @Siddhartha I'm getting nowhere... I started to meditate under a bodhi tree #endtosorrow

From @Siddhartha I am now a Buddha #greatworldreacher #Buddhismwasborn


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