Web Browser Software that i used to browse the web

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft released internet explorer on August 16 1995 by Microsoft themselves. You will find internet explorer on laptops, computers and smart TV

Google Chrome

Google Chrome was first released in September 2008. The developer is made by Google. You will find this on most Android and some Apple devices.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox ws first released in September 2002 and the developer was Mozilla. The devices you can find this on is computers, and Android devices

Apple safari

Apple Safari was first released in January 2003 by Apple them selves. You can find this on al Apple products like laptops and iPhones

Purpose of websites

To inform

They tell people information about the news of the world or the country

To educate

These Websites educates and explain topics to people so they learn

To Persuade

These are opinion based answer but also factual based news

For e-commerce

you can buy and sell items on these websites

For storage

You can upload and comment on videos on these types of websites

Social interaction

you can talk to page you have can message them

conventions of websites

Websites have:

Logo- A unique an recognisable picture or badge. The user will recognise this and know that they are on the right website

Website/product name- Similar use to logo. The website/ product name will need to be big and clear so the user knows they are are on the correct website

Images- A photo/ picture/ Visual element

Layout grid- A website might be laid out in very tidy, straight lines and columns. This will make it easy for the user to use

Embedded videos and music- Many websites will feature a wide variety of video and music to inform or entertain the audience

Navigation bar/ Menu- This will allow the user to easily find and change between tabs and pages on a website

Search function- This part of a website allows the user to quickly look for anything on the website based on a word or phrase

Colour schemes- For this website it is Red,Black and white this will make the user be able to recognise the website

Hyperlinks- These allow the user to go to different websites and anywhere on the internet

House style- This will make the website look more neat or professional or can give a theme to a website

Static and Dynamic

A static website- A website that is presented to every set the same e.g.. BBC news or the weather.

A dynamic website- A website that is personal to each user and is different according to who is using it e.g. Facebook or twitter.

Examples of Static websites

Examples for Dynamic websites

Why my website will be both Dynamic and static

It will be Dynamic and Static because you will be able to sign in and this will bring up this that you have recently purchased or maybe a news letter therefor being Dynamic. It will also be static as the main three pages will be the same for everyone as they will all contain the merchandise, home page and a page you can buy games therefor making this static.


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