My Learning Through Helping Companies to Scale Up Nilesh Gohil

Many of you have also taken the path of joining a growth-phase company and been through its roller-coaster ride, and learnt (not to leave the path, hopefully!). Much of the learning might be contextual and some may even be painfully frustrating to recall, however we’re all skilled to take the fruit and leave the chaff. An acute need for people who could help in this crucial phase of a company’s life-cycle is felt across the world.

Penned few thoughts below from my learning through helping companies scale up:

Now It’s Your Turn

Even after 17 years, I feel like I have barely scratched the surface and have lot to learn. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Have also set-up a LinkedIn group (you may join here) that could be used as a discussion platform for more conversations on topics, such as how to instill customer focus, retain people, define KPIs for different roles, hire HR, or design compensation & incentive structures.

About The Author

Over the past 18 years, I have helped multiple tech companies to scale following their bootstrapping phase. Early member of Symbian, which was at the epicentre of the Smartphone ecosystem for over a decade. I professionally grew at Symbian and literally 'felt' the Business Lifecycle through its struggle to survive following the emergent threats from Google (Android) and Apple (iOS). The journey started with my very first opportunity back in 2003 to help Symbian set-up it’s first offshore site. Had limited success initially, however this learning help us pivot to a better approach and within a couple of years, the site had 200+ product engineering team.

Over the years, I have done so across different domains (Analytics, Digital and Mobile), industries (eCommerce, BFSI, Mobile Apps, HighTech and Telco), functions (Consulting, Operations and Product Engineering) and markets (APAC, India and the EU and US).

I’m currently leading Merkle | Sokrati through the similar growth curve and now we are 300+ Sokratian in the team with most of the growth since our series B in early 2015. Together, we quadrupled the revenues, improved customer satisfaction (130% NPS lift) while building several new business lines. DAN recently acquired Sokrati in for about USD 125m. This acquisition is a rare event in the Indian start-up ecosystem - it's among the less than a handful of all-cash start-up exits over the past decade (as of mid 2017).

I’m an engineer with an MBA from Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA).


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