My Visit to the Harn Museum Larissa Boruk

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

This Piece was called Manhattan by George Grosz German. This piece is oil on a board and was made in 1946. This piece is really interesting to me because it shows the the New York City skyline is such and interesting way as well as this skyline is my favorite one in the United States. Seeing this artwork in person allowed me to better understand and appreciate the craftsmanship of each stroke. You're aloud to see each imperfection and each stroke that allows you to see the hard work and effort it took to create this piece of work. What surprised me about the medium and the technique of this art piece is that it doesn't actually look like oil on a canvas and it was so cool to see that this artist had such need lines as well as a the detail like each window on the buildings. The artwork made me feel awe and a sense of home because I was originally born in New York and my mom is from the New York. Many of our family vacations have been to the city so its something so familiar. It communicated how precious a big city and how New York has changed yet stayed the same over the years. I took all these pictures at the Harn Museum.

Design of the Museum

This part of the Museum was all posters by Guerrilla Girls from the 1980's to almost present day. These posters about female activism. This group was a major voice for female activism about being payed equal and etc. The design of this part was appealing because they set it up in a way that maximized the space as well as the lighting. A lot of the rooms were closed in with barely any natural light but this part of the museum was so bright so it allowed you to see up close the posters. There was one giant poster on one wall but on the wall facing it there were many small posters that emphasized what the big poster was saying. The use of space is what made this part of the museum be so great because they were able to show the variety of the posters in a united front. The exhibit makes me feel that there a lot of people fighting for female rights throughout history and it shows that art can have an impact on what the society sees. The posters used humor to get their point across. I took these pictures in the Harn Museum.

Art and Core Values

This piece of artwork/clothing is from Ghana and it is used for entertainment purposes. People competed using this type of clothing. I think this piece of clothing displays my core values of self-expression and personal beliefs. It relates to self-expression because it allows you to show who you are in your culture through colors and the style of it. It goes with personal beliefs because it is part of a culture and its a way to entertain people with in your culture. People in Ghana believe that it is important part of their culture. The visual representation allows me to better understand and appreciate my core values more because these people but on these outfits that represent there culture and they use it to represent their beliefs. It allows me to see how proud people are of their culture. It helps me better understand what I believe and cherish because it shows how unique each culture around the world is. It allows me to have more respect for the culture I live in and how unique it is .Every culture is unique in their own way which is the cool thing about culture. It helps me understand how important sometimes having fun is and expressing yourself. I took these photos at the Harn Museum.

Art and the Good Life

I think the picture of the left is essentially the good life in my opinion because it shows people just relaxing and enjoying every aspect of nature/the outdoors. It communicates the good life with the expressions of the people in the painting. They have such calming expressions and they are just relaxing in nature. They are just sitting and talking in the grass. Nature is important aspect of the good life for me because as an athlete I enjoy what nature has and being outdoors. I think that the outdoors is so appealing and relaxing. It brings a calming sense to me. Soccer is played outside on grass and horseback riding is on a horse outside. The outdoors are a major part of my good life. It goes back to the painting they are just sitting there appreciating the outdoors and what it has to offer. For example, they are sitting under a tree that is bringing them shade. We as humans are connected to nature and half of the time we don't even know it. It adds to my understanding and appreciation of this theme because it demonstrates how important nature is to me as well as humans. These pictures were taken by me at the Harn Museum.

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