Domain Eukarya Classification and taxonomy

Kingdom Animalia

All animals are heterotrophs.

All animals are motile, even if it is only at one point in their life.

All animals are multicellular.

Male seahorses are the ones that get pregnant instead of the female seahorses.

horse's teeth take up more space in their head than their brains.

Some animals are domesticated.

Some 10,000 species of animals discovered each year

Projections for the total number of species on Earth are around 2 million, so there are many different types.

Some cultures use some animals as symbols.

Every animal has it's own defense mechanism, and for some like the lionfish, it's poison.

Kingdom Plantae

All plants are autotrophic.

All plants are multicellular.

They are also all nonmotile.

Some plants have asexual reproduction and others have sexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction is more common than asexual reproduction.

All plants have cell walls made of cellulose.

Kingdom Protista


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