9 Things to Know Before Playing High School Football By Tim Shrode

1) Be ready to grind all summer long. If you want to play, you have to show up to the workouts every week in the summer. Your going to find yourself in a lot of pain after everyday but it will all be worth it once the season starts. Always give it your all because that will gravitate coaches towards you. Coaches love hard workers.

2) Don't mess around during serious situations. Football is a lot of learning and following directions. If coach is describing how to do a speed drill, don't be looking the other way watching the grass grow, pay attention. I'm not saying never mess around; mess around when you won't get in trouble, or you'll find yourself running the notorious hill.

3) Once summer is over, managing school sucks. Two hours of practice immediately after school tires you out beyond belief. You're going to need a nap after practice no matter what. So homework is going to be a pain because it will be late and you'll be groggy. All you can do is try your best. If your G.P.A. drops a little, colleges will be understanding because they know the grind.

4) Weekends are for you! Enjoy them! Weekends are your only breaks during the football season. If your on junior varsity the story is a little different. Your Saturday mornings are gone if you're a J.V. player. Overall, no matter what level of a player you are, enjoy your weekends because it is your only time to rest your body and mind.

5) Don't get a job during the season. You need money for college and working as much as you can is key. During the season is an exception. Managing football and school is hard enough, and when you add a job it is almost impossible. The only time you'll be able to work is during the weekends... Which are for you!

6) Don't forget about your grades. It is tempting to blow off school during the season and just have fun with football. If you're not passing all your classes, say goodbye to your play time. Your coaches can look at your grades whenever they desire. Again, managing school and football is very hard but it is possible.

7) Don't be afraid to take on this challenge. First off, you're not alone when it comes to playing sports in high school. Over half the kids at your school are involved in athletics; if they can do it, you can do it. All these points I'm making makes high school football seem no fun. It is a great thing to do as a kid. You'll never have an opportunity to play an organized sport like this for the rest of your life.

8) The grind pays off when you feel glory of winning. All those long morning on the field and in the gym is all worth it when you annihilate your opponent. You just have to embrace the grind and deal with it knowing it will pay off. Sometimes it isn't even that bad because you are with all of your friends.

9) Prepare for some fun. You never want to forget that you are playing football because it is enjoyable. Mess around when it's appropriate and joke around with your friends. You'll make memories you'll never forget. The people on your team will be your brothers for the rest of your life. It may seem like all your doing is grinding at some points, but just know that it will pay off when you win some games.

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