Much head scratching time is spent trying to think about what to scribble for the newsletter. Now, having just read through October’s effort again, one is reminded of something which didn’t come to the fore when it should have done. It relates to Medals Final Day and the absence of Laura Thompson. She who had won three monthly medals in a row and then suffered an arm injury as the ‘Big Day’ came into sight. With Connie and Ursula in the field Laura might not have won again but her form suggested she would start as the bookies’ favourite. She will have been disappointed not to at least have been mentioned in the report, and we apologise for not so doing. Sorry, Laura.

Ever smiling Laura.


A lifetime ago fog was commonplace in England, driving difficult, and slow if you were sensible. Crashes were frequent and on foot it was easy to get lost even on familiar territory. Now fog is a rarity but Tuesday 3rd brought back memories. Hard enough to find Asia course let alone your ball. Fortunately it lifted enough to allow play, albeit with the start delayed to 10.30. By the time the last out Wetzels and Luxons went off it had become quite a pleasant day.

Vice Captain Kate Bradley observed “A notification of the delay was sent on the system but only about a dozen people read it. Tee times were to be put back half an hour. However, by 11.10 all the other flights had caught up to their original tee time and a few people who had read the updated note on system were late and had to go out at different times.” Sounds like Robert Mitchell may have had a bit of a headache?

The ladies scored rather better than the men as the charts below show.

L/r Alison, Karin.
L/r Geoff, John, Barry.

Proof that members are slowly drifting back can be found in the number playing in this first competition of the month. 16 x 4 balls = 64. One more group and we would have needed a third page for the time sheet, and that would have been a rarity.

Another comment from Peter was an intriguing one. “A couple of the men are having difficulty keeping up with their rapidly changing handicaps and those who are eligible have decided to swallow their pride and move to the blue tees.” ‘Scribbler’ is missing his golf like mad but hasn’t had to face this problem yet. He read somewhere that the Book of Rules now runs to 48 pages!!


Kate Bradley made no attempt to be funny when penning a brief comment on the ‘Lone Ranger’ competition played on Asia, Sunday 8th. Factually she wrote – “A beautiful, sunny and warm day saw the start of the ‘Lone Ranger’. As players arrived in afterwards it was clear that some had absolutely loved it and those who didn’t score so well claimed that when their team’s Lone Ranger took the reins the team fell apart. Unlike the day’s best three combines who came in with fantastic scores. Not too much of a surprise to see the truly Celtic team finally emerge victorious overall. With the weather being so lovely a lot of members remained at the club to enjoy drinks and food for quite some time.”

1st with 89 points l/r George Kirk, Brendan Walsh (not on the photo), Alison Kirk, Barry Curran.
2nd with 89 points, on handicap, l/r Hugo Verheyen, Vera van der Veken, Monique Vermeiren, Jean Pierre Arcq (not to be seen).
3rd, just, 88 points l/r Damien Murphy, Pauline Hilliard, Peter Edstrom, Vic Hilliard.

The absence of Pat Reid did not go un-noticed by the ‘Scribbler’ who thought for a moment there was something wrong with his camera. Rarely does it return to base without at least one picture of the steadfast Irishman.


This, as many much wiser members will know, is a Lemon Drizzle Cake, or, to be more correct, was, not is. Carefully wrapped in protective foil it was delivered to us by its creator, Anne Mills, completely out of the blue. This very kindly surprise taxed us somewhat because, not being a cake eating household as a rule, neither of us had tasted one before and, to be honest, at least one of us had never even heard of such a cake. Guess who? Anyway it can be truthfully reported that it was simply DEELISHUS! An opinion endorsed by a small number of friends with whom it has been shared. A big “Thank you” to Anne.


America staged the first of twelve on Tuesday 10th, and it came as no great surprise to find the male and female qualifiers were – wait for it – Anne and John Mills! Clearly there is more to their LDC recipe than meets the eye but, as yet, there is no mention of a stewards enquiry or drug tests. If and when ‘Scribbler’ gets to play again he will certainly be seeking the recipe – for Lilian to use!

Meanwhile, Anne’s nett 72 earned her a 0.5 handicap cut as well as first place ahead of Karin Luxon and Ursula Wetzel, whose 74 each separated them only on handicap.

L/r absent Ursula, Anne, Karin.

John’s victory was more clear cut, as you might expect of a nett 66 and reduction of 0.9. As with the ladies, second and third places were decided on handicap with Roy Davies 69 nudging Manfred Wetzel out of the way. Both were cut. 0.7 and 0.5 respectively.

L/r Manfred, Roy, John.

A day of coincidences. Husband and wife winners. Husband and wife beaten into third position on previous achievements.


Once again we are indebted to vigilant Judi Lentelink for some good advice on crimes we read about every week in the SUR.

“The squatters' modus operandi is to locate properties whose owners are abroad, possibly from Estate Agent's advertisements, then they visit the property and put a large padlock on the portal gates. They then return in 2-3 days, and if the padlock is still in place, they remove it and enter and take over and live in the premises. If you do not remove it, and replace it with your (new) padlock, within 24 – 48 hours the Guardia Civil cannot evict them and you will have to go to court to obtain a possession order, which takes around a year and costs a fortune, not to mention the damage the criminals do to the property meanwhile. You need to ensure that your premises are regularly checked by your gardener, cleaners, or a friend at least 2 -3 timer per week. If you suspect anything has happened report the matter immediately to the Guardia Civil de Mijas in Calle Mallorca, Fuengirola. Take documents proving you are the owner, or his agent. You must act immediately or they will not be able to take any action. You cannot force re-entry to your property yourself or you will be prosecuted for breaking in and entering your own property.“


Name and location of Sunday 15th‘s competition in one short heading! After a period of grey, miserable skies and irritating drizzle the day was made for golf. 25°C after the afternoon’s prize giving and yet another triumph for the Bewley Brigade.

1st with 100 points l/r Jonathan Dorrian, Stuart Bewley, Cameron Bewley Doyle, Arlene Bewley Doyle.
2nd with 96 points l/r Keith Luxon, Jill Davies, Mike Fisher, Roy Davies.
3rd with 94 points l/r Peter Bradley, Pauline Hilliard, Vic Hilliard, and absent James Reid.

Vice Captain Kate Bradley’s take on the day was as follows:

“The Sunday AM/AM began in beautiful bright sunshine and due to Covid most of the field was made up of Husband and Wives playing together so they could share a buggy. No separations or divorces were noted at the end of the competition and in fact there was a great mood of cheeriness and laughter in the patio... could this be a future trend??

There was a huge difference between the first and last teams with the Bewley family taking the first prize with 100 points.

At the end of the proceedings Captain Damien invited members to support a Staff Fund, this voluntary collection aimed at helping those members of the LCR team adversely affected by the current situation. Donations can be anonymous or contributors can put their name on the envelope. At time of writing donations exceed 3000 euros which is an encouraging start to a worthy cause."


You don't have to be an ardent feminist or militant women's libber to work out that women, unlike men, have had to fight untold battles to achieve gender equality for hundreds of years. That's why they celebrate Women's Day. ... Men on the other hand pay scant attention to International Mens’ Day which falls on November 19th every year, probably because they realise how they have already benefited from the inbalance – there is still a gender difference when it comes to pay rates, for example. As 19/11 was on a Thursday this year a senior RollerUpper was politely approached to ask if anything special was planned. The response suggested otherwise, and is quoted:

“Have we consulted with our wives in order to ascertain if their approval to celebrate a day in our name is acceptable?? I think probably not, have we even considered the consequences of putting ourselves forward for a moment or two of frivolity and mirth, let alone a whole day ? ... unless of course, International Men’s Day is a day for reflection on the benefits our beloved partners have bestowed on us whilst we remain and bask in their glory reaping the solace and peace their support provides. Let’s just play golf subjugated but safe? International Men’s Day! Whatever next?”

Roughly translated we took this to mean ‘No’.


A diplomat is someone who can disagree without being disagreeable.


For the first time in memory the winners of this Board event are still a secret several days later, though the insatiable grapevine reckons the first and second male are difficult to separate. Meanwhile, as we wait with bated breath, Kate Bradley’s comments can fill a little space:

“We are not announcing results until Sunday’s “Fun Day” but I can report that Loraine, Damien and myself presented a halfway house with drinks and wonderful food. Damien was the master sandwich maker with everything from tuna and sweet corn, ham, cheese, etc. There was Spanish tortilla, pork pies, sausage rolls, gin, vodka, etc. Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, we couldn’t supply the lobster thermidor or fillet steak sandwiches! Absolutely beautiful day in the mid twenties. Everyone said they had a marvellous day.”

Monsieur le chef. Madame sous chef. Mr & Mrs Captains.

Scribbler has been down this road before but thought it worthwhile to remind members of the history behind this annual event. Who better than to seek help from than the fount of most club knowledge, Judi Lentelink, whom we are happy to quote in full.

“The trophies were bought and presented in 2004 by the then Captains Don Cameron & Caroline Bacon. (Ditto the present Honours Boards were ALL inaugurated in that year, including the Captain’s Day boards).

Looking back at the yearly members’ calendars that I retain, (the earliest I have is 2003, Bryan Houchin & Anne Ashe’s year).... There was a Captains’ Day comp (and dinner on the same night) that October in 2003. So I guess that there had usually been a Captains’ Day event every year, but no trophies/boards until 2004.

Caroline & Don were the driving force behind a lot of the trophies (including the Medal Winners when they were Vices), and the initiators of the original set of wooden Honours Boards. Prior to that there were 2 Perspex ‘boards’ up on the wall in Hoyo 19 bar with the Club championship winners, Stableford championship winners, matchplay doubles & singles winners... all the results from their inscription in 1997/1998. Caroline & Don also inaugurated the mixed K/O in 2004, and put up the trophy (which I believe Caroline & Greg won the first 3 years running, much to Caroline’s embarrassment!!). This was the first K/O competition to be played over the whole year as of 2004, and it has continued as such. .... The Singles were played in the Spring and Doubles in the Autumn until 2008 when they were brought into line with the Mixed K/O as being played over the full year.”

As someone who has been in Judi’s position, keeping all the stats and details of his football/tennis/squash/table tennis clubs, it is known full well the effort needed so, Bless you, Judi. Again.


Captain Loraine has this to add to the earlier dialogue:

“Everyone is aware of International Women’s Day which was moved to 8th March in 1913 and is aimed to help nations worldwide eliminate discrimination against women and help gain full and equal participation in global development. However not so many people are aware that there is also an International Men’s Day which is celebrated on 19th November every year and aims to raise awareness about men’s health, improve gender relations and promote gender equality. It was first organised by 1999 by Dr Jerome Teelucksingh, a history lecturer at University of the West Indies, in Trinidad Tabago. The objectives of international Men’s Day include a focus on men’s and boy’s health, improving gender relations, promoting gender equality, and highlighting positive male role models. It is also an occasion to highlight discrimination against men and to celebrate their positive achievements and contributions to communities, places of work, friendships, families, marriages, and child care in the modern world.”

What set out in life as an innocent editorial question has blossomed somewhat having been the subject of serious debate at the male RollerUppers social hour waiting for the day’s results.

“Having done some of that media research into this International Men’s Day thing and note it started way back in 1992 and was instituted (and I quote) “to celebrate the achievement by boys and men to the society, nation and community” Bit of a catch all that one! The woke brigade have yet to seize on the sexist nature of the event and are only delaying their assault because the day seems to have been put aside now as a day where only things that affect or afflict boys and men are given consideration. But I say, what about those confused wee souls whose gender alignment is not yet aligned? Those people born gender neutral or female or male who wish to sit at the other side of the buffet table? It’s a confusing world is it not? I did ask the question about IMD on Thursday and the answers I got from the assembled horde just about made my day, answers like “oh its about your prostate”...... “ I think you’ve got to stop drinking and smoking or something like that” to my favourite.... “ we’re allowed to go to lap dancing bars.

Golf was good, boys were fine and no-one went lap dancing....“


Interesting that the link attracting my attention to this dubious claim arrived at the very same time as Robert Mitchell’s letter about costs for 2021, a subject about which this is neither the time nor place to comment. The link took us to a list of the world’s ten most expensive golf clubs. The wording of the accompanying text left much to be desired in terms of language or translation, and one seriously challenges the accuracy of the list and the figures quoted. Having said which it was quite an interesting read and some of the clubhouse pictures mouth watering. The only club on the list of which Scribbler has personal experience is No 6, a course played a few times many years back, and with a truly palatial clubhouse. If memory serves correctly we have a former captain in our ranks to this day?

Now for the list. The figures quoted were in US dollars so have been roughly translated into euros. The arithmetical accuracy, like the “Costliest Ten” claim, are presented with considerable scepticism.

10 Archerfield, East Lothian, Scotland. 14500 euros membership.

9 The Madison Club, California, USA. 28500.

8 Yas Links, Abu Dhabi. 28500.

7 Address Montgomerie, Dubai. 32000.

6 Stoke Park, Buckinghamshire, England. 34000.

5 Singapore Island Country Club. Singapore. 35000.

4 Fancourt, Western Cape, South Africa. 50000.

3 Trump National, Los Angeles, USA. 155,000.

2 Bears Club, Florida, USA. 165,000.

1st Liberty National, New Jersey, USA. 305,000.

Top of the list cost a reputed 160m dollars to build and includes such facilities as a harbour for yachts and a helipad. Not long ago LCR could have boasted one of them, on the grass outside the spa.


It must be something of a club record that the names of the winners of Tuesday’s Captains’ trophies were kept a secret until the following Sunday, the 22nd, after golfing action on Asia. Not only that but the candidates didn’t know either, until their names and scores were announced. Well done the Captaincy, and also for the immense amount of work that went into making this such an enjoyable event. Thankfully they were blessed with much better weather than had seemed likely when they went to bed. They also deserve a medal for getting through the enormous prize giving smoothly, efficiently, and much more quickly than had been anticipated. All played their part. Well done.

Vice Captain Kate Bradley, despite her tiring day, was up before dawn broke to pen this report on the day. Only a few minor adjustments have been necessary so, thank you Kate.

“Well what a week it has been for the members of La Cala. Tuesday was the Captains’ Trophy Day and a beautiful day it was. Damien, Loraine and Kate set up a half way house with Damien as Master Sandwich Maker and the ladies taking care of the drinks. The favourite drink of the day was Gin and Tonic and a few of the men reckoned after they had their little tipple they played outstanding golf... and the scores went to prove that.

Damien with his drinks team l/r Marian Benton, Nathalie Reid, guest.

The ladies saw Janice Marler in 4th place with 34 points, closely followed by Judi Lentelink who just beat Janice on handicap. Runner up was Alison Kirk with 36 points but the winner of the Trophy was Mary Evans with a superb 40 points.

L/r Judi, Alison, Mary, Janice.
Captains’ Trophy winner Mary Evans.

The men did even better... Rob Garner playing off 4 had a terrific 39 points and was cut 0.6. The next three results were so close with all gentlemen having 41 points so it came down to handicaps. In 3rd place was Mike Fisher who was cut 0.9. Runner up in the competition was a very happy Vic Hilliard playing off 19.4 but the winner of the Trophy, and someone who has had a terrific year, was Seppo Jaaskelainen. Seppo was over the moon and gave a very touching speech with regard to his year. He thanked La Cala, describing the 2 courses open as in fabulous order and also thanked all the staff in these troubling times.”

Captains’ Trophy winner Seppo.

(ED. Butting in it might be usefully added that Seppo’s very touching speech was based on the fact that he has realised three of his golfing dreams this year. A hole in one. Getting his name on the Honours Board. Playing to his age. His praise for La Cala Golf Club was not limited to the courses but embraced staff and management, all of whom have done their level best to overcome the drawbacks imposed by the wretched virus.)

“The Captains’ Fun Day on Sunday was equally successful with each of the 17 teams receiving a prize. Closest to the pins were Ulla Billing on hole 3 for the ladies,

Ulla Billing.

for men James Reid just toppled VC Peter Bradley. John Mills on the Blue tee on hole 11, Simon Buddery from the Yellow also hole 11. Isabella was closest on hole 17 and John Mills got closest here too. Longest drive went to Rob Garner for the men on hole 5 and an absolutely delighted Carol Rees took hole 5 longest drive for the ladies... no mean feat after her medical troubles this past year. Mary Evans had the longest drive on Hole 11.

The top three places were as follows:

3rd place John and Anne Mills, Peter and Marian Hatton. 117 points.

L/r Marian, Peter, Anne, John.

2nd place went to new members and their guests Tom Knutson and Anne Uden, Ulla and Henrik Billing. 120 points.

L/r Henrik, Ulla, Anne, Tom.

1st place also with 120 but winning on handicap were Keith and Karin Luxon with Richard and Wendy Hinds.

L/r Richard, Wendy, Karin, Keith.

Loraine mentioned many people who had assisted in helping with organizing the past year and the winner of the Roy White Trophy, for the person who the Captains felt dedicated a lot of their time and effort to the club, went to our very shy and very popular Dorothée Schmidt. Unfortunately being so shy no speech was forthcoming.”

The very worthy winner.

(ED. Having worked closely with Dorothée since we became a team on the newsletter it was a great pleasure for me when her name was announced. Text and content is down to me, but layout, picture editing, and all the technical stuff is her very willing and co-operative domain. Well done, Dorothée.)

“Jack received a loud round of applause for all his efforts in the Newsletter and his photographic skills over the years.

Prizegiving was followed by a popular club sandwich and French Fries with wine which everyone seemed to really enjoy.”

(ED again. Especially as the refreshments all came from club funds. A kindly thought on the part of the Captains and Committee. Captain Loraine actually made reference to a possible tincture for all assembled. Interesting word, not often seen and, according to various dictionaries, not necessarily as pleasant as one might think. The simplest and shortest description was of “a medicine consisting of a substance in a solution of alcohol”. Bet the halfway house menu didn’t include tincture?)

Finally a few shots of those teams who played together, won something, or didn’t win anything but earned a bottle of wine for just participating!

L/r John, Anne - Rob, Seppo, Mike, Vic - Jill, Louis, Erling, Roy.
L/r Janice, Dorothée, Achim, Peter - Derek Furnell Orpwood, Marco Furnell Mendez, Brian Carr, all guest - Marjan, Roger, Carla, Marc.
L/r Thomas, Simon, Helena - Pat, David, Arthur, Monique - Mary, Philip, Jing, Michael

Roy White Trophy

As my newsletter partner in crime has rightly grabbed the headlines this year, it seemed appropriate to remember the history of this trophy, and to this end we are grateful to Loraine for the following:

"The Roy White Trophy is a prestigious award that is given by the Captains to the person or persons that they feel has contributed most to their year. It has traditionally been presented during the Captains Farewell Dinner…but we are not having that this year either!! So, we felt the time to present it was now…alongside our Captains Day Trophy.

The person this award is going to in 2020 is not going to have any idea their name is going to be called or that they would even be in the running for this award. Damien and I have discussed the reasons that this award is merited – and just the description – “has contributed most to their year” is difficult to quantify. There are a number of people that we would like to thank for their assistance in 2020 – which without doubt has been ..a very interesting year. Our Vice Captains – Peter & Kate Bradley – who only 2 weeks into their first month as organizers…got locked down ! – They have taken it all in their stride and fingers crossed we will have a full and complete 2021 programme of events. Our committee Treasurer Caz Roselli - who has done a wonderful job of providing us with clear and concise accounts (which you will see for yourselves when you receive the AGM documentation package).and who would have been here if she wasn’t in lockdown in the UK. Our Handicap Secretary – David Wilson – who has been a rock and seen us through the transition to the new, and for many still extremely confusing, WHS system..but we are getting there! and David is recovering well from his operation and will be back as soon as he can in the new year. Our Club Secretary – Alison Kirk – who is steering us through a sea of crossing T’s and dotting I’s and ensuring we have productive committee meetings with lists of things to do for us all.. To our erstwhile scribbler Mr Jack Perry who has kept us amused with his musings and to whom we are extremely grateful that he has been able to continue with the newsletter through these tough times… How many people could write a newsletter when the country has been locked down, there is no golf, no competitions and the highlight of peoples days for weeks was a walk around the block! And let us not forget, there is really not much can be said when having to use photographs of masked bandits standing 1.5mts apart… Thank you also to Judi Lentelink for ensuring our cabinet of trophies are shining bright…as well as to our Interclub organizers George Kirk, Peter Marler, Monique Peters. But this year, working away quietly in the background, reasonably shy (as in not loud like Kate and I) and is not someone that would even be on most peoples radar but…

They have been of the utmost assistance to Damien and I in the background by setting up and maintaining the club calendar on system, in ensuring that Mr Perry’s scribbling makes it to the finished article, standing in for Jack to take photos and will also continue to run the Ladies Senior Interclub when it gets back on track next year.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the recipient of the Roy White Award for 2020 is.."


Asia course was busy on Tuesday 24th despite the Stableford competition starting off as a grey day and a bit cool. 67 players participated, a sure sign that owners are drifting back and the fact that Turkey Trot looms large in the diary. The doubtful weather appeared not to impact on the players for there were some decent scores in. Not least from Karin Luxon whose 40 points off the Blue Tees and a handicap of 5 didn’t prevent her from being cut – again! Karen O’Connor and Mary Evans play off exactly the same handicap and each finished with 39 points. Karen was adjudged second on the basis of her better back six. Mary thus finished third whilst Verena Haas was fourth with 35.

Not much is to hand about the Men, other than Roy Davies played off the blues too (?), the scores being 1st David Gilchrist 39, 2nd Roy Davies 37, 3rd Stuart Bewley 37 and 4th Rob Garner 35.

Little did they all know, as they headed homewards, that this would be their last game before the weekend’s Turkey Trot. The RollerUppers were saved a soaking by the organisers/management who heeded the weather forecast and cancelled the day in good time. Just as well because there was an almighty storm during Wednesday night and the familiar flooding of America’s 16th green pays testimony right now.


VAR or WHS? Both are irritating and controversial.


Success is not what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It’s what you do for others that counts.


Reference is often made to our hard working Food & Beverage staff, and deservedly so, but sight should not be lost of other sectors, like the Spa for example, which embraces a hair dressing salon. Obviously hair "dressing" and the Scribbler have little in common but Lilian has been going there for some months now, needs help to get there, and thus provides me with the opportunity to see things at close range. Pablo Sotoca is the Director in charge and you couldn't wish to meet a friendlier, more attentive and helpful person. Eva Bessenyei is Hungarian but lived for some years in England, now speaking our language almost perfectly. Coming from a "short back and sides" era lessens any quality comment on my part but it did strike me that a few words of recommendation might not do them harm. Very convenient for resort owners, no parking problems, nice team, 10% normal discount for owners increased to 20% in December. What more could a lady, or health seeking person want? The extra discount, it should be added, applies also to haircuts, treatments and retail products.


Management, captains, players, catering squad, fund raisers, all awoke on Sunday morning, 24th, to find it had been raining during the night, the terraces were still wet, the flowers bedraggled but, and it was a very welcome BUT, the sun was fighting its way up over the Med and the annual TURKEY TROT was saved at the last minute. In fact, by the time ten o’clock arrived, and the shotgun “sounded”, it had all the makings of a nice day. Which is just what it proved to be. No more than was deserved by those who worked so hard to make it a success. Kate Bradley had this to say about the proceedings:

"What a fun day everyone had and the weather was surprisingly good as it had been terribly ominous most of the week with a 70 per cent chance of rain. A lot arrived early to decorate their buggies and dress for the occasion and then had a hot coffee before taking off for the golf course. The Vice Captains after setting up the dining room with raffle prizes and decorations drove around the course and offered everyone a complimentary Irish Whiskey which few refused!!

Best blessed (dressed I mean) were Vic and Pauline as Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus.

The best buggy went to the birthday girl Carol Rees and Karen O’Connor.

Closest to pin for ladies was Jing Kruppa and Karl Haas for the men.

The final score were in 3rd place Isabella, Gerry, Cameron and Arlene Bewley.

2nd place on handicap went to Pat, guest John, Barry and Mike.

1st place went to Monique, Seppo (again), Lisa and David Moody.

Loraine and Damien awarded the Trophy Comps for the year, then Peter and Kate presented them with Flowers and Gin to say thank you for all their work throughout the year. James had gone round with a Christmas quiz which kept us busy between courses.

The Lunch was terrific and there were loads of compliments from all. The chef had come around with one of the Turkeys and it was impressive indeed. Food was hot as were the plates and the turkey was moist and delicious.

The day was finished off with the Raffle and little Tess Ledgard did the draw... unfortunately she didn’t pull out a winning ticket for her Mum or Dad. There were three main raffle prizes. Anne Mills won the huge Jamon, then the two large hampers were won by Anne Uden and Gig who is a friend of Damien .... he bought a lot of tickets. The Mills kindly donated back the Jamon and Damien auctioned it for Cudeca. Brian Garvey and Peter Marler fought to purchase it but Brian finally paid 170 Euros for it. Thank you Brian. The quiz was won by the Bewley family, Harmons and Brian Garvey all at the one table.

A truly lovely day and a big thank you to all the staff who worked tremendously hard.”


By the time members get to read next month’s newsletter Christmas will have gone, so this is the last opportunity for the newsletter team to wish everyone as Happy a Christmas as is possible in the unusual circumstance.