My name is Michael Diaz Cordero

I am from Puerto Rico and currently in the mobile development program at Full Sail University. A fun fact about me I study architecture for 6 year and at my last year I move to Orlando to become a mobile developer.

The 10 best practices for for delivering a unified and consistent user experience.

Unified design with Cameron Moll
  • 1.Unify your internet presence, not just your web presence.
  • 2.Treat every face of the user experience as a contribution
  • 3.Consider using web view when developing your native app
  • 4.Unify action, not just content
  • 5.Store session data in the cloud, not locally
  • 6.Replace ‘click’ with tap or press
  • 7.Replace ‘mobile’ with small, smallish, etc.
  • 8.Eliminate big screen bloat.
  • 9.Product unity? Platform unity?
  • 10.The goal is unity not uniformity

Mobile > Desktop

Some of the reason of why MOBILE is grater than DESKTOP :

  • Mobile it's more personal
  • The phone it most of the day always on
  • It always with you
  • Usually connected to the internet
  • It can be used as a GPS
  • The cellphone has accelerometer
  • It also has gyroscope
  • Also has magnetometer
What is Gyroscope
"The gyroscope, or gyro for short, adds an additional dimension of information, of the rotation or twist and also a the gyro measures the angular rotational velocity."
What is magnetometer
"The digital compass that's usually based on a sensor called magnetometer provides mobile phones with a simple orientation in relation to the Earth's magnetic field. As a result, your phone always knows which way is North so it can auto rotate your digital maps depending on your physical orientation."

Characteristics of having a mobile mindset

Be Unique, Be Focus, Be Charming and Be Considerate

Be Unique, Be Focus, Be Charming and Be Considerate.

Three mobile contexts

Bored,Busy and Lost

Why make sure you app is aesthetically pleasing?

Making you app interface beauty, polish or finish full to make the experience of the user way much better and joyful and that makes a grater impact on the user.

Pixel Limit

To have a finger-friendly app recommends a minimum target size of 44 pixels wide 44 pixels

Benefit of pagination have over scrolling

Avoid scrolling because the thing that end up off screen the user usually wont see it because they wont scroll to see it.

Which orientation optimize first ?

Well Portrait Rules

Which orientation should you optimize for first, Portrait is the default so optimize it first.


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