Hatchet Parts of Plot By: Kaitlyn Sweeney


  • The main character is Brian, who is a 13-year old boy that lives in New York City with his mother since his parents are divorced.
  • He has a friend named Terry.
  • His father lives in Canada who works as an oil driller.
  • Brian is taking an airplane to Canada to give his father drilling equipment since his father works in the oil fields.
An oil driller.
A 406 Cessna plane is what Brian and his pilot flew in.

Conflict: Brian's pilot has a heart attack and dies, then the plane crashes and now he has to survive in the Canadian wilderness all by himself, all alone, until the search plane finds him.

Event 1 of Rising Action: Brian finds a rock ledge and then builds off of it for his shelter near the lake and has pain from eating too many cherries that he saw birds eating. Brian had used his windbreaker to carry about four pounds back to his shelter since he was super hungry.

Brian calls the cherries "gut cherries" since they give him stomach pain.

Event 2 of Rising Action: Brian decides he had enough of "gut cherries" and goes to look for another type of food. He soon finds raspberries and he starts eating and picking them. A black bear arrives and starts eating raspberries, Brian freezes not knowing what to do and the bear leaves. Brian goes back to picking until he has enough.

Black bear eating berries.
Raspberry bush.
One juicy raspberry.
Brian used his windbreaker to carry three pounds of raspberries back to his shelter.

Event 3 of Rising Action: At night, Brian threw his hatchet at the porcupine which in return attacks Brian and gets quills in his leg and he has pain for awhile.

Event 4 of Rising Action: Brian uses his hatchet to make a fire and it took him several tries to get it right and then the fire finally started going. Brian had to keep the wood supply going and he had to keep chopping and shredding the wood until it was just right.

Chopped firewood.

Event 5 of Rising Action: Brian digs in the sand near the L-shaped lake and finds a female snapping turtle's nest filled with eggs. He realizes this is food and takes them to his shelter. He starts eating a few and then safes the rest for later.

Female snapping turtle and her egg.

Event 6 of Rising Action: Brian gets sprayed by a skunk because he was trying to rescue his turtle eggs since that was his source of food while the skunk was eating them.

A skunk that looks tense with its tail high ready to spray.

Event 7 of Rising Action: Brian learns to catch fish by spear fishing. He made his own spear and figured out that he has to aim below the fish for him to catch one. He has invented a live fish pen where he stores fish for him to eat later.

Event 8 of Rising Action: Brian stumbles upon a female bear and her cubs and he was very close to being between the mother and her cubs, so the mother bear made a low sound in her throat to threaten and warn him. Brian then saw a wolf and it was followed by three other wolves all large, gray, and beautiful. Soon they trotted away.

A gray wolf standing high looking over its beautiful land.
A wolf pack.
A mother grizzly bear and her two cubs walking through a field.
Mother bear sitting on wet sand with her three cubs right by a river.

Event 9 of Rising Action: Brian catches his first meat, a Canadian grouse, with a bow and the arrows that he made. He figured out on how to see them by focusing on their outer shape that looks like a pear.

Bow and arrows.
Brian calls the Canadian grouse a "foolbird" because they fooled him with its camouflaged feathers and every time he started walking, it flew up right by him and then far away from him.

Event 10 of Rising Action: Brian gets attacked by a female moose because she was frightened or upset with him because he was invading her space while she was trying to eat. So she used her head to but him into the lake until Brian backed down. He had to move slowly and when the hairs went up on her back, he stopped and when they went back down, he took his move out of the lake until he finally was on land. The moose left him alone and she moved on along the shore of the L-shaped lake. He learned a lesson from this, the moose was not insane, she just needed her space.

A female moose in the lake.
A female moose eating from a tree.
A female moose in the woods along a trail.

Event 11 of Rising Action: A tornado hits Brian's shelter and Brian gets tossed around by its fierce winds. All of his food, supplies, and tools get scattered all over the place, except for his hatchet still attached securely on his belt. The tornado goes over the lake and tips the plane a certain way so Brian can see it and then he remembers the survival pack that was still in the plane when it crashed. Brian wants to get that survival pack that may hold tons of treasures that will help him survive and make his life easier.

Climax: Brian has enough courage and strength to swim out into the lake to get the survival pack and he opens the plane with the hatchet which he drops down into the lake that goes to the bottom. When Brian has the hole big enough for him, he goes in and when he reaches the survival pack, he sees the dead pilot getting eaten by fish. Horrified, Brian swims up to the surface.

A survival pack or backpack.

Event 1 of Falling Action: Brian gets the survival pack out of the plane and puts it on his raft that he made and headed back to shore.

Event 2 of Falling Action: Brian finds tons of treasures in the survival pack once he reaches shore. There were many things in there. One thing was an emergency transmitter which Brian clicked the switch and all that came was static, so he thought it was broken and set it aside along with the rest of the stuff. Below is the stuff that he found in the pack...

A sleeping bag.
Brian had an aluminum cook set that came with four little pots and two frying pans.
The aluminum cook set also came with a fork, knife, and spoon. It also contained a waterproof container with two small butane lighters and matches.
First-aid kit.
Brian got a fishing kit containing four coils of fishing line, twelve small lures, hooks, and sinkers.
Brian found a .22 survival rifle with a clip and a full box of fifty shells.
Brian found an emergency transmitter and two bars of soap as well.

Event 3 of Rising Action: Brian cooks up a beef dinner and peach dessert that was in the pack using the materials in the pack. He also had some orange drink.

Peach dessert.
Orange drink.
Beef dinner.

Resolution: The search plane arrives when Brian's food is cooking and a man steps out and they start talking. The pilot of the plane realizes that it was that boy that was lost and the search plane quit looking for him almost two months ago. Then, Brian introduces himself and offers if he wants something to eat.


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