Town of Maple Grove Local government project

Map of Maple Grove
Town meetings are held at St.Stanislaus Fellowship Hall. W1888 Hofa Park Road, Seymour, WI 54165

Issues/Events in the local government

The county board is making it a law that the people in Shawano County can not smoke E-Cigarettes just like cigarettes can not be smoked on County Property. The board decided that if people do use any kind of nicotine on County Property they will have to pay between $25-$100 in fines. The Board of Health is with the County on this because it is not good for the people's health that are not smoking. I agree with the County Board because if smoking is banned than the people should not smoke any nicotine out in the County Property. The government should do this and if they keep having more problems they should raise the fines to stop the people. The government should have this banned because it is not good for anyone's health.

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