Happy life home By √Člody Lemieux

My happy life home will be in a very big home with a big backyard, in a big city and very technological. The best place my home could be located would be close to a city like Chicago, New york or Toronto- about a 15min car ride away.


When I said that my home would be big, I mean very big, 3 floors, and double garage and 10 000 square foot. There would be 4 bedrooms, 1 with an big walk-in. The double garage would be big enough that 6 cars could fit in.

The walk-in would be big enough so that I could put all my clothes and shoes in it, and still be able to buy things and not have to put it all away.
The double garage would be a shed and a garage.

In my house I would have a cinema room. It would be a 360 degree experience. There would be a screen on all the walls and the seats would move, but there won't be water or other stuff thrown at us.

My fridge would tell me when I need to buy something and when something is expired. My stairs to go on the other floor would be in glass and they would move. When someone would want to go up the stairs would just appear and the same thing to go down. My stairs would detect the person or animal. The wall facing my backyard would be made of only windows. When I am not home, they would be opaque and when I am home, they would be clear.

The lock on my door wouldn't be a key or number, it would be my hand print. All the lights in my house would be lit up when there is someone home and off when no one is there. So, this way there won't be any loss of energy. My backyard would be 5 000 square feet and I would like to have an inground pool. I would have space to put chairs and a table to eat outside. I would have a space to train outside and inside.

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