Death by PowerPoint bit.ly/iu-dbp

Can you remember the last PowerPoint presentation you experienced?

How did it make you feel?

Losing the will to live?

Have you ever considered what it would be like to sit through one of your PowerPoint lectures?

Short TED presentation (15 mins)

Reflect on your own PowerPoints whilst answering these questions:
How many messages should I include per slide?
How can you steer your audiences focus?
What should you avoid on a slide when speaking in front of a slide?
What colour background keeps the focus on you?
What is the maximum number of points you should make per slide?

Could you improve your Student Learning Experience by thinking about your PowerPoints?

So why not make some changes?

Next Steps

Coventry University Staff have free access to Lynda.Com. Here is an excellent short course introducing PowerPoint in the classroom.


Please tell us what you thought of our course. We are evolving Light Bites all the time so your feedback makes a real difference.

Please use: LB-DBP as the course title.

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Ian Upton


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