LEADERSHIP HIGH FIVE week of February 5


Super Sunday was FULL of wins, stories and connections! With 276 kids experience our Kidspoint original series, Camp Ikenbee & over 900 adults & students sitting under the teaching of Pastor Clayton King! What was your favorite part of the day?


Did you know that 95% of Christ followers have never led another person to Christ and 90% have never even tried? Pastor Clayton King encourages us to break that pattern through the biblical account of Andrew who, after spending a day with Jesus, finds his brother, Simon Peter, and tells him to “come and see.” Each of us can “be an Andrew” in our daily lives by simply talking to people where we live and work about what we know and inviting them to where we belong. Click HERE for the weekly guide to help YOU & YOUR teams live it out this week!


Last Sunday, the weekly leadership sheets were revised to capture some data particularly on team health and consolidated to save you & your team leaders time in completely it. Moving forward, in the front pocket of your weekly folders will be a packet of everything to be returned by the end of services on Sunday. I hope to systematize & streamline our foldering system that is easy to teach the people you are developing into leaders on your team. Below is everything YOU will find in the front pocket.

  • Weekly Leadership Review Sheet - Capturing data specifically to team health & development on the front, any notes for staff and of course supply needs are on the back of the sheet.
  • Prayer & Invite Cards - "We pray until something happens", by capturing the NAMES of the people our team is burden to invite and for their personal needs each week. We are living out this value.
  • Attendance Tracking Sheets
  • Current Schedule


A key part of leadership is seeing potential in others and inviting them to rise to it. Because we are a rapidly growing church, there is an ongoing opportunity for people to serve and lead. The following resources address the how and why of identifying and training new volunteers. Visit the NEW leadership development page for retaining & recruiting people to your team.

Heart & Soul, Lauren Tinnell

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