The Vanishing Native Culture By: Antonio Paredes

Legends and myths were stories used to teach people lessons and explain things that cannot be explained. For example the story of creation.

The Sioux were another civilization where the end of the world was prominent thought. They believed that the fate of the world rested in the hands of an elderly woman and a big black dog.

Have you ever wondered why native Americans have ceremonies and rituals? well according to legend they were told to do so by a beautiful lady.
At the coming of age, boys and girls would go on a solitary fast vigil that what decide what they would become.

The Sioux were clever people. They had many tricks for hunting, not just the chasing of the buffalo on horseback.

The down fall of this great culture were the Europeans. They brought disease, violence, and devastation to this great land. Cholera, smallpox, buffalo shortage, and the creation of dams were some of the worst impacts Europeans had on the New Land.

Like a wildfire, the Sioux culture has gone from enveloping and torching the lives of whomever it touched, to being an ember floating in the depths of their minds.


Created with images by ArtsyBee - "historical vintage sioux" • NeuPaddy - "wave atlantic pacific" • Fæ - "Coahuilla Indian woman, Maria Los Angeles, a basket maker, ca.1900 (CHS-3825)" • Pitsch - "grass back light fog" • PublicDomainPictures - "totem pole faces" • skeeze - "bison buffalo herd" • Unsplash - "landscape storm clouds" • skeeze - "wildfire forest fire"

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