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Before Signing Up

Some Terminology to know...

Beginner Swimmers are those who are in need of assistance in the water. These swimmers can range from learning to blow bubbles to building swimming confidence to swim 25 yards by themselves.

Intermediate/ Advanced Swimmers are those who want to work on their strokes, dives, or perfecting swimming skills. These swimmers are required to be able to swim 25 yards with no assistance.

An important note, to protect both the swimmer and instructor the instructor will be teaching out of water. It is highly recommended if your student is not a strong swimmer yet ( I.e cannot swim the full length of the pool comfortably) it is best to have a parent or guardian in the water. If a student is comfortable swimming a full length by themselves it is recommended that they swim by themselves with the instructor advising from the deck.

There are two private lesson packages that are available

5 days of 30 minute private lessons for $100

10 days of 30 minute private lessons for $200

Pick an Instructor

A Message from the Fairwood Coaches:

Greetings Barracudas! Coach Mike and Coach Bridget will be offering a 6 lesson punch card for $150. This punch card requires swimmers to sign up for 6 lessons with one coach. If you are interested in these lessons please contact either coaches at the following emails. Mike: mikeyskates40@gmail.com or Bridget: duvenbn@plu.edu.


Created with images by takahiro taguchi - "A boy floating in the sea" • chuttersnap - "Lane swimmer" • Richard R. Schünemann - "Children swimming competitively start at a very young age, and by 12 years old, they can spend 8-11 hours a week in the pool. It is very tough for the kids and their parents to juggle school, swimming and, well, the rest that goes on in people’s lives. This young lad is already a competitive swimmer at a regional level in England at 13! Here he is seen in a streamline about to explode in a bout of energy."