Raising Awareness for Distracted Driving Officer John CLEVELAND visits utica with a powerful Message

Ferndale Police Officer, John Cleveland visited the juniors and seniors for a powerful presentation about a well known issue plaguing teenagers--distracted driving.

Distracted driving can endanger your life and the life of others.

To strike a note with teens, officer Cleveland shared the story of none other than his daughter. At three years old, Cleveland's daughter fell victim to distracted driving.

Now, he travels to different schools around the country and speaks up for the cause that stole his daughter.

"I cried. It made a big impact on me because I don't want to harm anyone else with my driving," junior Karla Flores said.

"It was really touching yet depressing. It hit hard and I definitely drive safer because of it," junior Anthony Francis said.

"It was incredibly sad because I can connect with his message. I will never forget and I want students to remember a car is a weapon and it is powerful," teacher Susan Bernardi said.

“I bawled my eyes out. It wasn’t just a lecture because it was so much more. It really showed me that life can change in an instant,” junior Delaney Hageman said.

Not only is distracted driving an issue, but drunk driving is too. Drunk driving is a part of being distracted (also known as being impaired.) Together, they cause thousands of accidents annually.

"It's never a car accident. It's a car crash because you made the choice to be distracted."
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Haley Grooms


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