OVERDOSE! Jacobs on heroin

There's a special someone that was stuck on Heroin. His name was Jacob, he's a male and he's 18 years old,he went to a college to study engineering, he got kicked out because he cheated on his test,after that he gave up on everything and started doing a drug called heroin because it was a “stress reliever”. He lived in Los Angeles,with no job.

His short term effects were that he had a severe itching problem, he had slowed and slurred of speech,constipation,nausea,vomiting,and delirium.His long term effects were that he got very bad teeth,inflammation in the lungs,depression,and loss of memory. His mental/psychological effects were that he a rush which is a strong increase euphoric feeling and reduced sensation of pain.

This has affected his family by changing the family's behavior and mood towards Jacob . Heroin can also affects Jacob's life by doing things you normally wouldn't, and heroin affects how the brain works and won't help make good decisions for yourself. Jacob decides to spend 1,050 dollars a week.Jacob does heroin 2-3 times a day by inhaling,snorting,”chasing the dragon” and injecting. Jacob mostly does heroin in the bathroom but he also does it in his car,house,and woods.

Jacob also did marijuana but he ended up quitting. Jacob didn't really do anything or got forced or tried using heroin he just started doing it because he was stressed. Jacob got in trouble once but didn't get caught with any on him they just assumed he was on heroin but they gave him a warning and to go home, he also got caught doing it at school and got suspended for 10 days. Jacob is now doing better and trying to quit, you should to!

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