Trip to the Florida Museum of Natural History Marco Menendez

Nature on Display: The butterfly garden was the most immersed feeling I felt while at the museum. There’s just something special about being able to walk around and have butterflies flying around in all different directions. In the exhibit there was a book that had all of the different species of butterflies, and it was fun to spot a butterfly and then try to look it up. I felt that that was special because I was actively engaging to find out more about the butterflies, rather than just reading a description under a preserved butterfly. Being a part of the exhibit was truly memorable.
Nature and Ethics: In the “History of South Florida” section of the museum, there’s a lot of imagery of nature in an untouched state. In this photo I’m showing here, this boardwalk shows off the mangroves, a non intrusive thatch hut, and a view of the water, without a modern structure in sight. This little part of the museum I loved, because the model environment they set up was so realistic, and coming from South Florida, reminded me of what stunning beauty there was by the coast at home. This beauty did instill a feeling of needing to protect it. Showing the beauty of untouched land really made me think for a second about our current conservation efforts, at least for the coastal areas, and how while mangroves are currently protected by law, we still need to do more to protect the picturesque beauty.
Nature and the Human Spirit: The natural history museum is a portal to a world of nature that we most likely wouldn’t see in our normal daily life. It allows us to step out of our normal world, and to take in a large section of the world we live in. By seeing objects outside of our little bubble, we can begin to care about and hopefully acknowledge the amount of beauty found in the natural world.
The End.

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