Santorini, Greece Hiking from thira to oia


Greeks must love their breakfast ‘cos they sure know how to put on a spread and Hotel Villa Renos was no different. So after getting used to a great breakfast at the Trinity Boutique Hotel in Rhodes, we weren’t disappointed, even though the bar had been set very high!

Straight after breakfast we decided to take the 12km walk to the far end of the Island to the town called Oia, the other most popular place to stay. It was a harder walk than expected, but it was well worth it to experience such fairyland views of the township clinging to the cliff walls. We completed our visit with a late lunch before catching the bus back to Thira.

Santorini... what isn’t there to like? They say you cannot take a bad photo on Santorini (thanks Marianne!). Whilst that’s so true, it then becomes much harder to choose photos to post! We don’t want to overwhelm you all with similar shots as whilst each view is different, most will look the same! No point over stimulating you all, better to keep you hungry and wanting more...

In any case, it appears that they are running the entire Island off a single ADSL connection, and a slow one at that, proving a challenge to upload just the photos I plan to post. (I will no longer complain about our NBN back home)

So let’s see how we go, shall we...

Sunrise from our balcony
Sunset from our balcony
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Stephen Mathieson

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