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We just created our first animated (very short) short!

Looking at fencing options to prevent escapes by small dogs and puppies

Getting a new puppy or planning for a small dog can change the style or layout of an existing fence or fence plans.

Smaller dogs like a chihuahua or a dachshund can be hard to keep enclosed in a fenced yard. Despite frustrations, there are options for securing a dog that don’t involve replacing an entire fence or keeping pets indoors.

Whether closing on a home and shopping for a new aluminum fence or looking for a quick fix to an existing fence, here are a few options that can give peace of mind while small pets enjoy the outdoors:

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Mugs and pugs?

In our most recent podcast, we check out Lucky Dog Bark and Brew — a bar/dog park!

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Barbara Bullington


Barbara Bullington, PR Newswire/Carolina Fence and Screen, Lucky Dog Bark and Brew Facebook page

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