En Spain creen en Catholicism
A me mi gusta hamburgueusas mucho
Yo corro mucho
Vivo con mi madera
Leo manga
Cameron escribe sobre ella ipad
Los estudiantes venen escuela
Mi familia y yo viajoms a Chicago
Julien recibe la piza
Señorita Ricke promete la clase comida
Yo Tengo a iPad charger
Señorita Ricke rompe ella iPhone 😂
Divido números
Comprendo la clase de español
Vendo mi Xbox 360 por $cincuenta


Created with images by Dominic's pics - "Feria del Caballo - Jerez Horse Fair" • Tony Fischer Photography - "Figure of Jesus on the Cross at The Cloisters, C. 1150-1200 (2 of 3)" • gefrorene_wand - "burger food beef" • ThomasWolter - "relay race competition stadium" • - "House" • Ruth and Dave - "Manga books" • Unsplash - "home office workstation office" • pwjamro - "School" • steve p2008 - "plane" • GMaerten - "receiving" • ilovebutter - "Promise" • jeremiahsay - "I have decided to be happy because it's good for my health." • Brad Montgomery - "Broken" • Tim Green aka atoach - "Fractions" • Damian Gadal - "Understanding" • Matt_Lodi - "SOLD!"

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