To Kill a Mockingbird Point of View ASSIGNMENT by Sarah Mosher

Scene 1: Scout's first day of school

Perspective: Miss. Caroline

Today be my first day teachin' in Maycomb. Some of the kids were lovely; others were unbearable. One young girl, Jean Louise Finch, went by the odd nickname Scout. Her tone was horrid and she spoke back frequently. She already knew how to read! Jean informed me about how her father taught her. Can you believe that? Kids come to school to learn new things not be retaught skills that they already have. I'd love to meet this father of hers. How did he raise such a disrespectful know-it-all? There was a sad boy who had no lunch and his name was Walter. To be humane, I offered him some money for food, explained that he could pay me back. The boy refused. Jean Louise attempted to tell me why I shouldn't allow this boy to take my money. Later on, this same girl was taunting Walter and rubbin' him in dirt! I am new to this town so it was frustrating having a child try to override my authority. I was just trynna be nice. What a long year awaits us.

Scene 2: Miss. Maudie's house burns down

Perspective: Miss. Maudie

Yesterday was an outstanding day, Scout. The Lord's plan has been working in mysterious ways. My house, everything in it, and my garden burned down. At first, it was a little saddening and surreal. After a few minutes, I realized what a gift this blessing in disguise was. I truly had an abounding amount of hatred towards that house. Now that I have this opportunity, I am going to put all my effort into building my dream house/garden. Maycomb is such a special town; I am so grateful for the overwhelming amount of support I have received. Miss. Stephanie is gracious enough to allow me to reside with her for the time being. I just cant wait to start up my new garden. It's so crazy to me that everyone came to help. Like Mr. Avery! That man ran right into the fire just to preserve my valuables. Thank God that he is still alive. Scout, please thank your father for me again. He is such a blessed man. If he or anyone got injured because of my fire I would be so distraught. God keeps everyone safe; all my treasures lie with Him. God is good all the time!

Scene 3: Scout and Francis fight

Perspective: Miss. Maudie

Scout and her cousin, Francis, brawled last evening. This isn't unusual for Scout but even so, it was very disappointing. She has always been a tomboy; she's a free spirit. I am very proud of how brave Scout is and how she knows exactly what she believes in.Another thing about Scout is that she's stubborn, hot-headed, and passionate. These three characteristics put together can do lot's of damage. She has always protected or stood up for the people she loves. It's unbelievable that Francis, our own family, would call me such a horrible slur. What even worse is the fact that he's hearing theses terms at worse. Honestly I'm not offended by his actions, nor do I condone Scout fighting to honor my name. She needs to learn how to be the bigger person. Fighting will never let her prosper in life. If you ever read this Scout, rise above. Look at it from their perspective. I can take care of myself and you should not worry.

Scene 4: Calpurnia takes Jem and Scout to church

Perspective: Calpurnia

It was a lovely day yesterday. Atticus was not at home which allowed me to take the children to church. I feel as though it was a little awkward for them but it was a much needed experience. Some of the black folk gave them some evil looks and snide remarks. Thankfully, looks cannot kill. It's must've been interesting for them to see a different view on life. They learned how it felt to be discriminated against. Jem was a little snooty but that's just how a growing boy is. Scout seamed to enjoy it. Hopefully I will be able to take her other places. She is very mature of a little girl. Aunt Alexandra is coming to town. Shes here to show Scout how to be more feminine. I think it'll do her some good. Girls need a women around. I have a feeling that once she's here, I won't be around as much.

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