Of Mice And Men Jamillet Marquez & Rephael pearson

Curley's Loneliness

Curley represent loneliness because he was a girlfriend who cheats on, he is always looking for fights, he's a small guy with a bad temper that comes from when he used to be a boxer. In order for Curley to be accepted and respected in the ranch again, would be if he had a change in attuide and became more open minded to ideas.

"Have any of you seen my wife".

"Well next time you answer when spoken to".


Candy's Loneliness

Candy is lonely because he had Carlson kill his dog that he had for a long time. Also, Candy doesn't have anyone else besides George and Lennie that he recently became friends with. Candy way of not feeling lonely anymore would be to join George and Lennie in their goal of saving up to get ranch and live together.

"Either of you got a slug of whisky"?

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Jamillet Marquez

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