Delia's Gone Johnny cash

Delia, oh, Delia /Delia all my life /If I hadn't shot poor Delia /I'd have had her for my wife /Delia's gone, one more round /Delia's gone

Delia Green was a 14 year old African American murder victim. Delia was shot and killed by 15 year old Moses (her boyfriend)

I went up to Memphis / And I met Delia there /Found her in her parlor /And I tied her to her chair / Delia's gone, one more round / Delia's gone

Moses went to her house and tied her to a chair

She was low down and trifling / And she was cold and mean / Kind of evil make me want to / Grab my sub machineĀ / Delia's gone, one more round / Delia's gone

This ballad is told from the murderers point of view, and Moses claims that Delia was calling him names and so he lost it and grabbed his gun.

First time I shot her / I shot her in the side / Hard to watch her suffer / But with the second shot she died / Delia's gone, one more round / Delia's gone

He shot her in the side so he could watch her suffer, the second shot he made sure that she was dead.

But jailer, oh, jailer / Jailer, I can't sleep / 'Cause all around my bedside / I hear the patter of Delia's feet / Delia's gone, one more round / Delia's gone / So if your woman's devilish / You can let her run / Or you can bring her down and do her / Like Delia got done / Delia's gone, one more round / Delia's gone / Delia's gone, one more round/ Delia's gone

After the murder Moses ran and the cops chased him and he ended up in jail, where all he thought about was himself murdering poor Delia.

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