The coat protein from the virus, cucumber mosaic virus, is genetically modified into peppers to make them resistant to the virus itself.

CMV can cause peepers to become distorted, rotten, abnormally colored, and pretty much unable to be eaten.

No one knows who came up with the idea to genetically modify peppers to be resistant to CMV, but it was obviously made to keep peppers as well as other plants in eatable condition.

Pros: GMO's can prevent foods from rotting and going bad, they might taste better, and they can grow faster.

Cons: They can cause allergic reactions,they might turn into invasive species, and they might have unknown side effects.

I think that as long as GMO's are labeled properly it's fine because it keeps both sides happy people who are against GMO's don't have to eat them, and the people who don't care what they're eating can still just go on eating what they want.

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