AL PURDY Importance of voice and humour in poetry

Poetry has many great qualities however, there are some qualities that are missing and these are some qualities that I love about literature. Al Purdy, who is now my favourite poet. I decided that since our last class, his poetry hits everything that I like about literature. His words are beautiful, he tells a story that I can relate to and the voice in his poems are so amazing, so distinct. My favourite aspect about his poetry is that he jokes, he uses humour to make an impact on his writing which I love. Humour is something that makes a piece of literature so good. His humour and words work so well with his voice if you have ever heard it. Sometimes, literature is better when someone is reading it because that author's voice fits the poem or story so well. Al Purdy's voice is one of those voices that adds something to his poetry, his voice suits it.


I'd like to write about how Al Purdy's poem At The Quinte Hotel shows his ability to use humour and his great voice to make the poem better. In class, we got to listen to him read this poem out loud and sometimes a poet's voice is what really makes the poem come alive and make it more beautiful. In this particular poem, he is talking about an experience at a bar and he uses humour and jokes to get his point across along with telling us about the scenario in the bar.

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