Yogi Berra By:Caiyla McDaniel

I think charisma gives off a good,positive emotion.

Death is one of those things that in life that nobody likes to think about.(pg.22)

People everywhere die all the time,meany of them too soon(pg.23)

Evert body needs exercise,i don;t care who you are. Exercise is the best medicine,unless your really sick and need something else.(pg.28)

Everybody;s got fear .Everybody's afraid something bad is going to happen sometime.(pg.34)

Every decision is a risk(pg.34)

There is nothing to fear but fear it's self.(pg.36)

You have to appreciate people who struggle to overcome there fear's(pg.37)

Not everybody is always helpful.(pg.37)

If you don't set goals,you'll never reach them.(pg.40)

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