Adventures of a swimmer A swimmers story

Every swimmer has a story. Some may not be great but they can be interesting regardless. Some are stories of professionals and some are stories of lifestyle and personal growth.

My personal story starts in this pool. This is the Lake County Family YMCA in Waukegan, Illinois. I started competitive swimming when I was but a wee tadpole at the age of 4. The Y went bankrupt and closed about 4 years ago. Now the swim team operates through the Kenosha YMCA.

By the time the Lake County Family YMCA closed, I was on my High School swim team. This is the pool in the school and it also hosts the duel meets for the club team as well as practices for the more advanced swimmers on that team.
In High School swim meets, there are many times when more than one team is swimming. This causes the pool to become quite packed and makes it difficult to get in a good warm up. This is a good look at what conference and sectional meets look like.
There are many duel meets in a season, although some are more fun than others. I grew up spending a lot of time in Zion and made a lot of friends that went to Zion High School. Meets against Zion was always a blast as all of us would heckle each other and try to make the race interesting.

The biggest meet in High School that all teams attend is the Sectional meet. This meet is normally held at Lake Forest High School in Lake Forest, Illinois. I love attending this meet as I get to race some fast people and talk with Carolyn Grevers!

Carolyn Grevers is the sister of, 6-time Olympic Medalist, Matt Grevers. The best part of it all is that I know Matt on a personal level as he began his swimming career on my club team, the Lake County Seahorse Swim Team
After the High School swim season is complete, I return to the club team to swim in the Chicago YMCA District Swim meet at the RecPlex in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin . It is the second biggest meet in the YMCA meet schedule. This is the meet before the best in the state come together.
This is where the YMCA State meet is held. The State meet contains the best YMCA swimmers in Illinois and Missouri. The pool used for this meet is the Kishwaukee Family YMCA in Dekalb, Illinois. I have won a few races, mainly in the backstroke. This meet was the last one in my club swimming career. I then moved on to college swimming.
After that meet I committed to Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin and continued my education and my swimming career. Such beautiful facilities drew me in and kept me here.

The pool was absolutely beautiful and I loved swimming in it ever since I was little. We had a few District meets here as well as the swim camp I attended for a few years. It was in this pool I have been able to continue my swimming career and improve in the sport.

The first meet of every season is the All-Wisconsin Showcase where all Wisconsin schools attend to kick off the swim season in a fun filled meet.
Since starting my college swimming career, I have improved my main stroke which is Backstroke. It has been so much fun being on a team full of great swimmers and people.
We have swam in some nice pools for some big meets. This is Calvin college in Grand Rapids, Michigan. A beautiful facility that we enjoy swimming in very much.
We have traveled to some amazing places to train in nice weather as well as amazing facilities. We took a bus from Chicago to Claremont, Florida and stopped in Nashville, Tennessee for a quick run and swim.

We eventually arrived to our destination in Florida and began our training adventure. We swam at the National Training Center in Claremont, Florida for about a week. we swam long course the entire time so it became very exhausting.

After years of not having a local community pool, the city finally built a new addition onto the Field house near Waukegan High School. We now have a beautiful new pool that has all the latest equipment. It is currently being used by this years Boys High School Swim Team.
Swimming isn't just a sport... It's a way of life.

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