syrian civil war By Blaise Eckhardt

I have researched for this project during class with the papers and assignments.

The incubation stage of the Syrian civil war was the people wanting Assad out of office, not agreeing with the government's laws, Assad oppressing sunni.

The symptomatic stage of this revolution is the protest that took place the torture of some teens that vandalized a school, shooting at protesters, Assad not stepping down and Govenment officials leaving the regime
The crisis stage was when the protesters that were being fired at fought back, Some of the military left the gov to fight with the rebels, The syrian government's use of Chemical weapons and Isis's involvement in the war.
There is no conalencence stage because the war is still ongoing and it probably will continu until Assad steps down or there are big changes made


Created with images by watchsmart - "Aleppo from Above" • watchsmart - "Bashar al-Assad propaganda" • Taras Kalapun - "demonstration in Homs" • syriana2011 - "Syria Damascus Douma Protests 2011 - 26" • Jordi Bernabeu - "A shell explodes (11/14) in the Syrian city of Kobane (Aris Messinis/AFP/Getty Images)" • Kurdishstruggle - "Kurdish YPG Fighters"

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