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WhatsApp: is a free app that you can use to be in contact with your friends and with all people you want thanks to this app know you will never be unable to communicate with other people, i download this app because you only need wifi or 4G to use it and is very useful.
Is an app where you can know what is happening on the world at any time you wants from news, entertainment, sports, politics, and your friends. I download this app because i want to know what is happening around me.
Instagram i download this app because here a can publish special moments for me and my friends, family can see them and also i can see this from other persons and the photos will be there until you delete them and you can make and receive comments and likes in your photo.
Snapchat i download this app because i can take a photo at any moment and persons that i have ass friends can see it, this app help me to others persons know what am i doing in this moment.
Facebook: I download this app because here i can post photos, chat, make live videos, know what is happening around me, share things and know persons.


An app i would make it better would be WhatsApp, i would improve the esthetic part because this app has all i want and is the better app of all for me but i think if the make it more nice or add simple pieces of esthetic for the app looks more attractive.


CINEMEX MOVIL: From teenagers to adults


WAZE: Persons that travel or drive too much

CUT THE ROPE: For kids


  • WhatsApp: is the easier because it is only for chat and there is not difficulties to use it
  • Twitter: is the second because you only have to follow people you know or you want to know what they are thinking and you can publish what you want
  • Snapchat: is on the third position because it have many accesories that you need to download or find for me is more difficult than the other 2
  • Instagram: this is more difficult because you have to edit your photo, put th place where you are and many other things
  • Facebook: whit all the new updates that they made it have a lot of new things that it will be hard to know how they work

Lesson 5

I didnt made a new app in Lesson 2 i only put that it would be better to update the esthetic part of WhatsApp, and i still believe that it would be better to add a update were the esthetic change.

Lesson 6

  • App Name: WhatsApp Esthetic Update
  • Problem: I will be more comfortable for the user of WhatsAppbecause the will have a new design of the app
  • This need to exist: Many of the users demand for a new design of the app while other apps made new updates for their users WhatsApp stays the same or only updates once a 6 months or year

Lesson 8

  • GPS: the app i want to update already has GPS but it dosnt serve as a map so i will improve it to have the app its own map of the city
  • Camera: the app i want to improve already has a camera but i will add filters

Lesson 9

  • BBM: has 4 and a half stars
  • Messenger: has 3 stars the comments are negative like: it is slow, the notifications dosnt appear, bad update, etc.
  • Viber: has 4 and a half stars

Lesson 10

For my update of the app: WhatsApp i think the most important aspect is the clarity and the depht, clarity because is an app where you need to write and to comunicate so the text and the message has to be legible for the users and depht because in this update my main objective is to make the app nicer and make more visual effects, different to the recent update because there the only thing they do is to copy of snapchat and instagram and i think that most of the people doesnt use this new mode.

Lesson 11


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