Collection Development Monthly Vol 5 | Issue 4 | May 2020

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Policy Review & More: Unit Updates
A New Liaison Program Takes Off
E-Resources News
New in the Digital Commons
Collection Maintenance Progress
Gov Docs for National Preservation Month
Special Thanks
Joke of the Month

Collection Development Unit Updates

The annual review of the Collection Development policy is underway now. If you have comments or suggestions for updates, please email them to me by June 5th.

We will also be reviewing monograph fund codes in preparation for the next fiscal year. Selectors, if you want any changes or updates to your fund codes, please email them to me by June 5th.

Access to the Books in Print database is now fixed and it is in the A to Z list again. Thanks to Chris M. and Jackie for working with the vendor to get access restored.


Liaison Program Takes Off

Shannon has been making revisions to the Liaison Toolkit and encourages all liaisons, as well as those who would like to know more about the program, to take a look. Feedback is encouraged and can be easily given with the link provided in the guide.

Check out the new liaison toolkit!

During annual liaison one-on-one appointments, many expressed they felt unsure of how to best support their teammates. Shannon is actively seeking suggestions on what your teammates could do to support you in your liaison duties!

What ways can we as a team contribute to that mission?

With university library stacks still closed to the public, you might be looking to share free online resources with your departments! The Public Books Database is a great start; they aim to catalog hundreds of titles from academic publishers and make them accessible online free of charge.


E-Resources News

This month, we continue to support student coursework and faculty teaching with Kanopy streaming video purchases.

We are currently negotiating license agreements for new acquisitions (such as RapidILL, a resource sharing tool to increase our fill rate of KSU faculty, staff, and student requests) and renewals of our existing subscriptions.

We are also systematically gathering usage statistics to assess our electronic resource subscriptions and collaborating with our Discovery Librarian, Christin Collins, to inventory our entire electronic resource collection.

Finally, we are collaborating with vendors, UCLP librarians, graduate librarians, and Technical Services librarians and staff to set up complimentary access to resources in response to remote learning caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Jackie & Elizabeth

New Content in Digital Commons

The second issue of Maya America has been published.

The very first issue of the Georgia Journal of Literacy (neé Georgia Journal of Reading) has been released.

We are in the process of bringing the African Social Science Review back to KSU; you can find current issues here.

With it, we will also obtaining the brand new (to us) Journal of Public Management & Social Policy.

Aajay & Heather

Collection Maintenance Updates

The reviewing phase for the L collection weeding project is close to completion. We will have the review result for everyone soon.

We are currently in the planning stage of the reference collection weeding project. We will release more updates when they become available.


May is National Preservation Month!

Which of these National Historic Landmarks have you visited?

Did you know there are 2,600 National Historic Landmarks (NHLs)? Discover more about the NHL Program, an initiative of the National Park Service (NPS).

Some NHLs are also carry archeological significance; visit the National Park Service's Archeology Program site for resources regarding current projects, news, and links.


Special Thanks

Thank you to all selectors for doing a great job getting your fund-code budgets spent ahead of the selection deadline.

Thanks also to all of the graduate librarians who took on spending additional funds for their colleges and to Jenni, who volunteered to help us with year-end selecting.

Also, I want to highlight the work that Elizabeth, Jennifer C., Sam, Shannon, Shelby, and Tomeka did in helping me spend most of the remaining funds for ebooks. They did Gobi training on their own using our Gobi training videos and then did a phenomenal job selecting books for new programs or to fill in areas where the print collection has been weeded.


Joke of the Month, courtesy of Sam Hankins

Why can’t Elsa have a balloon? Because she will let it go!

Words copyright 2020 Collection Development Unit. Photos by Adrien Converse, Paweł Czerwiński and Hybrid via Unsplash. Layout by Sam Reardon.