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What is the difference between limited and unlimited forms of government?

In a limited government the government follows the law. This is important because they can know what is wrong with some laws and can fix them better. In a unlimited government the government doesn't have to follow the law and the government is usually in a dictatorship. This is bad because a dictator takes over a country and controls everyone. A limited government is better than a unlimited government and a limited government can be used with direct democracy, representative democracy, constitutional monarchy and absolute monarchy.

America has a limited government.

A citizen is someone who belong to a country. If someone was born in a country they are a citizen of that country but if someone was not they can become one later on. Citizens have rights and responsibilities. One right is freedom of speech which allows someone to say what they want and responsibility could be washing the dishes. A responsibility is something expected of someone and right something anyone can do. A citizen does both rights and responsibilities on a regular everyday basis.


Somethings unites the EU countries. The super national trading bloc of the EU helps indorse other countries. This unites countries by making them together by having them work together. Using the Euro makes it easier to cross borders. Using the Euro lets people travel without changing currency and with no barriers too. These are centripetal forces in the EU.

The EU flag


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