Missouri Court Interpreter Orientation Workshop Participants Resources Class Oct 20-21, 2018, WEBSTER UNIVERSITY


“Do you solemnly swear that you will interpret accurately, completely and impartially, using your best skill and judgment in accordance with the standards prescribed by law and the code of ethics for court interpreters, follow all official guidelines established by this court for legal interpreting or translating, anddischarge all of the solemn duties and obligations of legal interpretation and translation?”

Examiners rate the following

  • Grammar
  • Language Interference/ False Cognates / Literalism
  • General Vocabulary
  • Legal Terms/Phrases
  • Idiomatic Expression/Sayings
  • Register
  • Names and Numbers
  • Markers/Intensifiers/Emphasis/Precision
  • Position items
  • Slang/Colloquialism

LEP = Limited English Proficiency


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