#FindSanctuary Where Do You Find Sanctuary?

Amid nationwide calls for justice and the coronavirus pandemic, we are re-engaging a question for the Duke community at a time when many of the ways we usually worship, pray, and find solace are evolving: Where (or how) do you find sanctuary? We invite you to share photos (past and present) of the ways you find sanctuary in certain places, people, or practices. Join the conversation:

  • Use the hashtag #FindSanctuary on social media with images, quotes, and comments about sanctuary
  • Email us with a photograph that represents “sanctuary” to you

We are amplifying these posts on social media and on this website as a way to facilitate an online conversation that is both hopeful and helpful during this uncertain time.

Photos below are by Chapel or University Communications staff unless otherwise noted.

Like a Holy Place

At times it's like a holy place-- the beauty and the hypnotic pattern of the sound of the tide. A good place to meditate and pray.

From Kathryn Miles on Facebook.

A Prayer for Our World.

“Gracious Lord, we continue to pray for our world, as we move through more days, more deaths, more recoveries, and more challenging conversations around Covid-19. We pray for doctors, nurses, social workers, and scientists whose days are filled with this virus, in order to try to help our neighbors survive.”

— A prayer by the Rev. Kathryn Lester-Bacon during the Sunday morning worship service on August 16, 2020

Photo submitted by Alexandra Lynn Maynard Holland

Holden Beach, North Carolina

Submitted by Amanda Highben.

Submitted by Fran Steele

All Saints UMC

Submitted by Lori Wegert Tremper

Submitted by Rev. Breana van Velzen

City Lake Park in Jamestown, NC

Submitted by Patrice Hawkins Sigmon.

Submitted by Deborah Boston.

Asheville, North Carolina

Submitted by Marcia Kyzer Allen.

Autumn Leaves

If I'm unable to walk through the lovely campus in autumn, I can still appreciate the beauty of my backyard and the memories of singing in the Chapel. Submitted by Rich Lowder.

Submitted by Tee Teerasupaluck.

In Need of Love and Care

"Christ of love, you showed us the way by your life of love. You laid down your life for your friends, for us. Today, so many are in need of your love and care. They need it as they wander the streets of Durham. They need it as they lay on a hospital bed waiting for surgery. They need it as they now find themselves unemployed. They need your love as they figure out how to cope with anxiety and stress. We need your perfect love to cast out all fear today."

— Chapel Dean Luke Powery praying during the Sunday morning worship service on August 9, 2020

Photo by Arnab Chatterjee, E '16.

Keep Us

“O God: Keep us safe, healthy and strong. Let our material masks unmask the truth of who we are, that together we may discover our common humanity, and by doing so, truly embody the institutional value of excellence. That is the most excellent way of love, justice and peace.”

— A prayer by Chapel Dean Luke A. Powery during New Student Convocation


Being outside gives me space to breathe emotionally and spiritually. It's a way to step away from everything going on right now.

Photo from @kmgoldfarb on Instagram.

Photo by Arnab Chatterjee, E '16.

First and Last

"Our faith reminds us that in this life and in the life to come our first and last hope is in Christ—and it is rooted in this hope that we are free to live without fear."

— The Rev. Bruce Puckett, assistant dean at the Chapel, preaching during one of the online-only Chapel services

Be Our Help

“Eternal God, you are our help. Protect those who are in the path of hurricanes and give strength to those who battle a deadly virus. Ease the strain of those who face financial distress and house those who are without shelter.”

— The Rev. Dr. Carol Gregg, pastor to the Congregation at Duke Chapel, praying ahead of Hurricane Isaias landing in the Carolinas


Remember the lilies of the field and the birds of the air...

Image and caption from @bpuckett22 on Instagram

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