Come to South Carolina! BY: Karissa Tvrdik and Bethany Tushabe

South Carolina, The warmest of all 13 colonies! Here, you don't have to worry about living a new life in a cold, uncomfortable climate. Here we have beautiful, broad coastal views that are perfect for watching sunsets or sitting around fires with loved ones.

In south Carolina we have rich soil that's perfect for growing all sorts of crops that include but are not limited to, tobacco, rice and indigo. We also have wonderful ways of producing cotton and selling cattle as well.

Ever wanted to own a human of your own? Well, now you can! We have an assortment of people you can choose from to put to work at the fields. Slavery is part of our everyday life so, get used to it!

Our economy is mostly filled with English colonists like you! Don't be surprised though if you see your neighbor working in the fields as an indentured servant. That's normal to us. Education is normally taught at home and we'll even throw in a free course on how to attract husbands for all you ladies out there! Other than that, ladies learn enough reading, writing, and arithmetic to run a household of your very own!

Are you a Baptist or an Anglican? If so, South Carolina is the place for you! Religion is a very important thing to us and be expected to sit in a church for most of your day!

And now, A history lesson with Karissa and Bethany. King Charles the second gave the right to the Lords Proprietors. These men founded the colony and the important leaders of the colony were good old William Sayle and John Locke.

Did you know that North and South Carolina became separate royal colonies in 1729. It was once invaded by Indians and the first place they settled in was named St. Augustine.

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