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I would like to thank you for stopping by Davi Nevae, Creates. Your Virtual Assistant and Local (RVA) Merch Designer.

Davi Nevae's Products and Services

Merch Supplier

Click here <Davi Nevae Creates- Merch available on Threadless Artist shop > to view our Artist Shop. These designs are made by Davi Nevae Creates but are produced and shipped by Threadless.

Garment Decorator

You can also click here <Davi Nevae Garment/Apparel Decorator- custom HTV images press > to view our Facebook page for more details or to contact us on messenger. These are custom made and shipped by Davi Nevae LLC.

Order a personalized image just for $25

  • For this process, consultations will be handled through email, direct messages and telephone calls.
  • Non refundable deposit: $10 due after consultation
  • After final review of image, the remaining payment of $15 will be due before image pressed is completed. ($5.00 for each additional shirt)
  • Images are pressed on Black or White blank "Gildan Adult Heavy Cotton 5.3oz T-Shirt", "Gildan cotton mask" and "Gildan youth mask" currently only in white

Personalized Mask

  • Personalized Mask are available @ $5.00/mask for adult and $2.00/mask for youth
  • This month you can buy 1 get 1 free.

New Images Release Every Month

Monthly Releases

Each month we'll release a new image that will be available for $10 that month only. The image will then be available only on the Threadless Artist shop for the public. So follow us on Facebook @DaviNevae and Instagram @DaviNevae_LLC for updates on new images.

Available This Month

Available on Threadless

Threadless Sales and Deals Listed Below

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Thank You for Choosing "Davi Nevae Creates"

Now to the Tech Talk..

Online Store Assistant/Tech Support

Companies I've worked with:

  1. Bling with Lo Davis
  2. Dra9onLyfe Publishing
  3. Sonya's Gemz

Do you need an Online Store Assistant?

* Are you a "Paparazzi Jewelry Consultant"?

* Do you need an online Shopify store?


Attention, Before we get started..

Shopify Setup and Details

Setup process

Step ONE

  • Non Refundable Deposit Payment : due upfront $25.00 USD
  • Email davinevae@gmail.com the following items:
  • Photos ( decorations for your site, like cover photo, logos, bio pictures)
  • Outline of how your site should look such as Page Names, Links to social media outlets and color patterns.
  • After the final draft of your store is completed and you've approve of the layout, I will then request the final payment ($30.00) before transferring the site over to you (the merchant)

Step TWO

  • I will email you the transfer request through Shopify.
  • After you start your online subscription with Shopify, then we can proceed with successfully publishing your FABULOUS online store. Click the link below if you need help with the setup process.

Have an existing store with Shopify?

You can use collaborators to give Davi Nevae Creates access to your Shopify admin directly through our own Partner Dashboard. Collaborator permissions give Davi Nevae Creates access to only the sections of your store that you want us to see. After Davi Nevae Creates sends a request to access your store, you receive an email about the request and a notification on your Shopify Home. You can require Shopify Partners to enter a collaborator request code when you submit a collaborator request, to more effectively control the requests that you receive. When the code is required, only the Partners who you share the code with can request access to your store.

  • Non Refundable Deposit Payment : due upfront $20.00 USD
  • Shopify ID (should look a little like this "store-name.myshopify.com") is needed to request access to your store. You can find this id in your account settings under >Manage your Profile >General >Stores, programs, and resources.
  • Once you find your id, please include in the email so I may then send you a request for access to an existing Shopify store by requesting a collaborator account to provide client services
  • Photos ( decorations for your site, like cover photo, logos, bio pictures)
  • Outline of how your site should look
  • Page Names
  • Links to social media (I do not need account information, just the link to your page)
  • Colors and patterns, etc..
  • After the final draft of your store is completed and you've approve of the layout, I will then request the final payment ($30.00)

Once the visual of the store is complete, I will then teach the process of uploading your products and photos to your store. This will involve downloading and uploading as you order your supplies. I can also create your store from scratch and transfer to you (the merchant) after setup.

We accept payment via paypal.me/DaviNevae, or if you wish an invoice can be emailed to you, with the payment link attached.

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Anita Hockaday


Created with images by stux - "heart watercolor watercolour" • Firmbee - "apple imac ipad"