Plants for your business Bring the outdoors in with A Plant Prescription

Do have an office, salon, showroom or restaurant?

Have you thought about adding plants to your workspace or customer areas to enhance the experience?

At A Plant Prescription we offer bespoke plant packages that are suited to your individual space along with all the necessary after care. If this is something you are looking for keep scrolling to see the benefits of plants in work environments!

How will plants improve my space for colleagues and customers?

  • Plants can help reduce stress levels and increase productivity
  • Workspaces instantly become more attractive to current colleagues, future applicants and customers
  • Plants help to purify the air
  • Plants huddled together around large spaces can reduce noise levels
  • If your business is customer facing adding plants to your current decor instantly makes your space more ‘Instagrammable’

What we can offer you

  • A consultation will always take place before to help bring to life what you have in mind with expert advice from ourselves
  • A bespoke package of plants will be created at competitive prices that suit and work well for your individual space
  • Optional after care and maintenance packages to ensure your plants thrive

To book a consultation drop us an email at hello@plantprescription.co.uk


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