"If I could only Photograph one place on earth for the rest of my life, it would be the East Coast of Greenland."

Joshua Holko

The East Coast of Greenland is home to the most spectacular and greatest variety and assortment of icebergs found anywhere on earth.

About Greenland: Greenland is an incredible place to inspire the imagination and fuel your photographic desires. Home to some of the most extraordinary geology to be found on earth, the red and orange glacial-scarred landscape of Greenland stands in stark contrast to the electric blue icebergs that carve off its many glaciers and drift slowly through its precipitous fjords. It is a remote land of untamed and unbridled beauty which is rarely visited and even less rarely photographed.

The Landscape: The landscape and geology of this region is both spectacular and extraordinary. Photographing this incredible landscape under soft golden Arctic light will be our main objective. We will also see and photograph incredible castellated icebergs that have calved off the many glaciers of Greenland. Dramatic glaciers, plunging cliffs and ethereal drift ice formations will be present as well.

About this Expedition: This expedition has been structured to provide the very best possible opportunities to photograph the incredible landscapes of the remote East Coast of Greenland in the Scoresbysund fjord system. With the sun low in the sky and at an oblique angle, late September is the ideal time to photograph this region of the Arctic. Working during the best light of the day we will maximize our time for photography with daily shore excursions with plenty of time to scout, setup and photograph under the midnight sun.

Gigantic icebergs of monumental proportions drift silently through the largest fjord system in the world. Juxtaposed against the glacial scarred orange geology of the Greenland massif.


Ice, weather & time permitting, include:

Sydcap (South Cape) is a prominent south-facing peninsula between the mouth of Nordvestfjord and Nordøstbugt. It used to be a successful location for hunters, who were active here for a while from 1934 onwards. You can find the ruins of their houses west of the cape. You can also find hut rings from the ancient Thule culture here.

Bjørneøer (Bear Islands) are a group of islands located northeast of Milne Land. From a few of the islands, you’ll get a view across Øfjord to some of the most incredible mountain peaks in the fjords. The mountains are dominated by Mount Grundvigskirken. We’ll spend at least two days exploring and photographing the islands from the water and land.

Øfjord is the fjord north of Milne Land. It’s a fairly narrow fjord with towering mountains on both sides, rising straight out of the ocean. It is dotted with icebergs of all shapes and sizes.

Rypefjord and Harefjord are two fjords separated by Cape Hoffman Halvø. Rypefjord is lined by superb rock formations at its entrance. Musk ox roam in this part of Greenland and there are opportunities to hike over the tundra in search of memorable photographs.

Rødefjord (Red Fjord) is another fjord west of Milne Land. As the name suggests, some of the fjord’s mountains are a striking red. We’ll make a landing at Rødeø (Red Island), as well as cruise through the iceberg graveyard near the island.

We’ll anchor at Hekla Havn on the island of Danmark Ø. Here, we’ll explore the mesmerizing ridges, furrows and marks carved into the rock. These patterns command your attention and lead the eye out towards the massive icebergs and mountains across the fjord.

Please note: This isn’t a complete list of the places we’ll visit. The final itinerary will depend on the conditions we have at each location. How long we spend in each location will be decided by what we find there. This expedition is just that—an expedition. We are free to spend as much, or as little, time at any given location within the time frame of the expedition.


This expedition has been designed first and foremost for photography.

The photographic opportunities in the Scoresbysund fjord system are limitless and we intend to take maximum advantage of our time in this area. We will use zodiacs to make daily shore excursions for contemplative landscape photography as well as utilize zodiacs for iceberg photography as we cruise amongst the icebergs and brash ice.

The Scoresbysund fjord system is home to some of the most incredible iceberg formations to be found anywhere in the world. As a result of the constant thawing and freezing of the glaciers there is an abundance of icebergs of infinite variety to be found drifting in the fjord system. Many of the icebergs are heavily castellated with electric blue cracks and fractures that are a photographers dream come true. The juxtaposition of these natural sculptures against the orange and red rock scarred landscape is not only awe inspiring in its primordial nature but completely unique. Nowhere else in the world can this combination and beauty be found on such a scale.

In photographic terms the landscapes of the Scoresbysund fjord system are virgin ground. Very few expeditions venture into this area of Greenland and even fewer carry photographers.

Joshua Holko has been leading photographic expeditions in the Scoresbysund fjord system since 2009 and is intimately familiar with this territory and the seasonal nuances experienced at this time of the year. Our expedition leader and safety officer for this trip have been hand chosen for their extensive experience in the Arctic.

Wildlife we may encounter on the East Coast of Greenland includes: Polar Bears, Bearded Seals, Musk Ox, Reindeer, Arctic Hare, Narwhal and more....
Wildlife opportunities in Greenland are often unexpected; but can be incredibly powerful
Amongst the myriad of icebergs are ice sculptures of incredible transit beauty
We will explore the many fjord systems with daily shore landings for contemplative landscape photography
Explore one of the greatest iceberg graveyards on our planet
For more information on expeditions to the East Coast of Greenland please visit www.jholko.com or email info@jholko.com
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Joshua Holko


All photographs by Joshua Holko

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