Florida Museum of Natural History a tour

Teaching history is a necessity because it allows people to know where they came from and to allow tragic occurrences to happen again. Immersing myself in the Florida Museum of Natural History, I not only learned about the history of where I lived but about what could be done for the future.

Being in the butterfly garden, I noticed the intricacies of the butterfly's wings and how they were different from all the others. This way, because if was more interactive, I got to have fun and fully immerse myself in an environment where I could really understand in lieu of just reading a facts on a board and visualizing it my head.

Regarding Leopold's beliefs I feel that his were correct in that a lot of species and animals have become extinct because of people's outlooks on the world around them. Instead of having a perspective of sustaining the land and allowing for it grow, monetary value comes into play which has led to tragic consequences. Gazing at the fossil teeth sets of those that used to roam the earth, I was in a sense of awe as well as those who passed it. A family with small children came by with excitement and screams of joy. Additionally the museum allows the visitors to immerse ourselves in nature via exhibits like the butterfly garden, enjoying nature surrounded with butterflies in their "natural habitat." After my time in the museum, I do feel a need to make a change in the world and embrace nature and not take it for granted.

Having the museum allows us to come back to our roots and see where we live and what it has grown to be. It is important as a progressive society to know where you came from. Only then can you improve for the future. Regarding the mystery and majesty, the museum gives us some awareness and of past events that I have not been aware of, unveiling the cape on the unknown. Because of this, the experience I had a the Natural History museum was more than enlightening.

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