France in Revolution standards 2 & 4

Watch this video for an introduction on the subject.

With the resources provided you will make a video of at least three minutes in length on the major events, people, and things of the French Revolution. The video must include at least three events and two people to be rewarded any credit. To receive full credit the video must include six events and four people and what were Bastille and the Guillotine.

Go to the website bellow and look at the people listed. Choose four of the people to use in your video presentation. You must explain who they are and what they had to do with the revolution.

Watch the Video and visit the website below to gather information on the events that happened during the revolution. Pick six events and explain their significance in your video.

Visit the link below to see the significance of the storming of the Bastille prison during the Revolution.
Visit the History Channel link below to watch a video on how the french decided to make the Guillotine their best manner of execution. Be sure to discuss this in your video.

When you are done you may visit the link below for more information on the french revolution.


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